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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…
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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…
  4. Photo: Katharine HepburnIn the city of Hartford, in the summer May 12, 1907 into a wealthy family, was born Katherine Hepber. His father, Thomas Norvel Hepburn, was a wonderful doctor and his mother, Katharine Houghton in March, the daughter of a wealthy owner…
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  6. Photo: Brigitte BardotBrigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934 into a wealthy family of a retired military man. The whole family lived Borda, near Paris, in a suburb of Neuilly. Bridget's parents, like real Parisian bourgeoisie, gave his daughter a good education,…
  7. Photo: Liza MinnelliLiza Minnelli was born on March 12, 1946 in Los Angeles, her parents, Vincent Minnelli and Judy Garland worked directors of musicals and musical comedies, so Liza's musical talent developed from childhood. Liza's childhood was quite happy: her parents spoiled and…
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  9. Photo: ANTHONY HOPKINSEnglish actor. Acted in films: "The Lion in Winter," "Hamlet," "Elephant Man", "Charing Cross Road, 84", "Silence of the Lambs," "Kingdom of Shadows," "Nixon", " , Amistad, " Remains of the Day, " Hannibal ", etc. Philip Anthony Hopkins was born…
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  18. Photo: Jean MaraisFrench actor and film. Roles in Theater: Michelle ( "terrible parent"), Nero ( "Britannica"), Lear (King Lear), and others appeared in films: "Eternal return", "Beauty and the Beast," " , Orpheus "," Captain Frakass, " The Count of Monte Cristo, "…
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  20. Photo: Romy SCHNEIDERGerman actress. Filmed in the movies: the trilogy "Sissi", "Christine," "Boccaccio 70", "Process", "Ludwig", "Train", "The main thing - love," "old gun" "Cesar and Rosalie," "Woman in the Window," "Simple Story", "Live coverage of the death, etc.Rosemarie Magdalena Alba-Retta (Schneider) was…
  21. Photo: Anna MagnaniItalian actress. Art Magnani, how deeply the national character of its heroines, and in the manner of its execution, revealed in a film: "Rome - Open City," "Dreams on the roads," "Love," "The Most Beautiful," " tattooed Rose (Oscar), "Mama Roma",…
  22. Photo: Pierre RichardFrench actor. Appeared in films: "Disseminated", "High blonde in black boots, high-return blondes," "Toy", "bait" (Nevezuchie "), shot an umbrella," "Partners" ( "pop"), "fugitives", "left from the elevator, 1001, one recipe enamored cooks, etc. Set the documentary" Tell me about Che.…

Alain Delon

Photo - Alain Delon
«Alain Delon»

(b. 1935)

French actor. Acted in films: "Rocco and His Brothers", "Eclipse", "Leopard," "Two in the city", "Death of a scoundrel," "Samurai", "indomitable", "surgeon", "Borsalino", "For the skin of the police," "Our History", "New Wave", etc.

Alain Delon was born on November 8, 1935 in the suburbs of Paris - Co. His father, Fabien Delon, was director of the theater. Mother, Edith Arnold, worked in a pharmacy. Allen brought up in the nurse in Frei. His parents were divorced.

In the eight years of Delon was sent to boarding schools of Christian Brothers, where due to the negligent conduct is transferred to a primary school in Co. He studies it does not matter, frequently changing schools, invariably, however, remaining in the sphere of influence of the church. Harsh discipline was he did not like. The only thing that he liked - to sing in a choir ...

In 1951, Delon went to school butchers. Later he would say that is the only actor who can decently cut ham and baked to make a paste. In his spare time he was involved in cycling and boxing.

Then Delon, almost three years he served in the Marines. "You know, I think the war can consciously go only those who have nothing to lose. I was 17 years old when I left in Indochina. I wanted to escape the battlefield of loneliness, ate me up, to find there the freedom and independence. But the war have gotten me a terrible: it destroyed the remnants of the illusions of me ... "

Returning to France, he makes a stop in Marseille, then moved to Paris where he and a friend to rent a room in the dance Pigalle. Delon carried the newspaper, worked as a waiter. He met with the actors Brigitte Aubert, Brian, Belmondo.

Young but already well-known actor Jean-Claude Delaunay Brialy made an offer that was impossible to refuse: to travel together for the Cannes Film Festival. It was the spring of 1957.

In Cannes agent from Hollywood Harry Wilson offers Delone multi-year contract. One condition: the three months to learn English. Brialy hire another teacher of English, and the meantime convinced the director Yves Alegre Delon take a small role in Roland′s gangster film "When the woman intervened.

The first experiment was a success. Older brother Yves, Marc Alegre, removes Delon in the comedy "Be pretty and shut up," Michel Boiron in "weak women", and Pierre-Gaspard Ute in "Christine."

The latest film occupies a special place in the biography of Delon.

Photo - Alain Delon
«Alain Delon»

Fate brings him to a young German actress Romy Schneider.

In "Christine" Delon and Schneider played a major role: She - Christine, OH - Lieutenant Laudenbach. The film tells the bitter story of a failed love. After shooting Romy Schneider stayed in France bride Delon.

Directed by Luchino Visconti, who arrived in Paris to put the play the English playwright John Ford′s "How sad that she was a tart, offers Delaunay and Schneider leading roles.

Romy played superbly, and Delon was trying hard. The audience warmly received the performance can not be said about the critics.

But the element Delon was still film. "I am an actor of instinct, impulse, passion. I can fully give ourselves a role for three months, but not three years. " In the first stage of his film career playing a crucial role of three films shot in Italy: "On the bright sun" (1959) Clement, "Rocco and His Brothers" (1960) Visconti and "Eclipse" (1961) Antonioni. Three different roles - three undoubted achievements. Corroded by envy of Tom Ripley, a killing to take the place of the millionaire′s son - in Clement, Forgiving Rocco, betraying his love for hope - for Visconti, heartless business man, lose the love of women - Antonioni.

Delon was anxious to get a role in the film "Melodies of the Underground", which was also to play the famous Jean Gabin. However, the leadership "MGM" refused to pay 250 thousand francs, which demanded Allen. Then the actor has agreed to withdraw without pay if he receives the right to rent the movie in three countries - Japan, Brazil and Argentina. Company "MGM" agreed, however, replacing Brazil in the USSR.

Delon at this time played by Luchino Visconti in "Leopard". The shooting came after considerable delay, the contract Alain overdue, but he continued to work out feelings of friendship for the Italian director. Visconti has made no effort to free Alena, believing that he would not dare to leave. But he was mistaken. Delon cast to appear in "Leopard" for the sake of the movie with Gabin.

Annoyed Visconti took revenge by throwing the final installation of Leopard a few scenes with Delon, who were not decisive for the dramatic design film. Fortunately, they soon reconciled, and the Delong earnestly said: "Not a day passes in my life that I do not remember Luchino Visconti. All of what I achieved, I owe him ... "

"Melodies of the Underground" (1962) had international success with Delon, sells movies in "their" country, particularly in Japan where, after the triumph in the film "On the bright sunlight, he was considered the number one western star.

Photo - Alain Delon
«Alain Delon»

Thus, Delon, giving up a contract, made a fortune.

This triumph was waiting for Alan and the film Visconti. "Leopard," in which he played the title role, was awarded the "Golden Palm" in Cannes. Brigitte Bardot in an interview said: "I think Alain Delon one of the most beautiful and truthful French actor, one of those who can take the place of Cabin and other great".

After an engagement with Romy Schneider, Alain was in no hurry to marry her. He began to spend much time with the photographer Moroccan Nathalie Barthelemy, nee Francine Konovas. In 1962, Alain and Natalie go along to Spain to shoot "Black Tulip" (1963). When Barthelemy said Delone about pregnancy, there was talk of marriage. "A wise man once said:" Marriage - an evil but a necessary evil, "- said Allen. - I often wonder about this. Rather, marriage is not evil, but a woman. In other words, women - must be very necessary compulsory and evil. "About the wedding, which took place August 13, 1964, Romy Schneider learned from the newspapers back in Rome ...

Also in 1964 founded the production company Delon "Delbo Prodyukson, but it lasted only a year. As an actor-producer, he stands in the picture Alain Cavalier "Unconquered" (1964), inspired by the war in Algeria. Hero of Delon - legionnaire, running a "dirty" war in Algeria, to see his daughter, born in his absence. He gets to his house and saw afar playing the girl drops dead.

Delon invited to Hollywood. Alain removed there in gang tape ( "Born a thief ..."), picture of the war in Algeria (" lost command ") and comedies (" Texas side of the river "). Particular success was not, but failed too. 35-year-old Delon said that "at that age they do not offer significant roles. October 1, 1964 in New York had a son, Anthony.

In Europe, he starred in the films Enrico R. "Adventurers" (1966). His partner was the famous Lino Ventura. The film enjoyed great success with the audience.

The audience particularly liked those movies where Alain has to shoot, fight, to participate in racing through the streets of cities, to show devilish shrewdness. Delon preferred to combine the detective story with a serious analysis of the nature of the hero. Thus, in the painting by Jean-Pierre Melville "Samurai" (1967) he played the role of a lone assassin, a man doomed. In the film, he has almost no replicas, but the actor draws much attention to his hero, forced to engage in such a terrible profession.

In 1967, Nathalie Delon divorces Barthelemy.

Photo - Alain Delon
«Alain Delon»

During this challenging time for themselves Alain insists that his partner in the new movie "Swimming Pool" (1968) has Romy Schneider. And again the watchful eye of the press focused on this stellar pair.

Delon returned to the scene. In 1968 he played in the play by Jean Co. cracked eyes, which long held out the playbill. She performed 22 times and had to stop because of the May riots. Then shut down all the theaters. People crowded around the theater and shouted "Delon - at the factory!"

In the same year, Allen establishes his production company, Adel-film. The biggest success in this decade on the category of crime films should be considered "Borsalino" (1969) Jacques Dere. The initiator of this production and the producer has Delon. As a partner, was invited by Jean-Paul Belmondo. They have already filmed together in the movie "Be pretty and shut up" (1957), and then in the picture RenГ© ClГ©ment "Is the Paris?" (1967).

Delon and Belmondo amounted to "Borsalino" an excellent pair of swindlers. As usual, relaxed, Jean-Paul countered gloomy and closed Alain Delon. The audience was delighted, having the opportunity to see in a film of his two favorite actors. The film has brought considerable profit producer Delaunay.

But scandal. The fact that the poster Alain Delon had been on twice. It looked like this: "Alain Delon is Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo in a film by Jacques Dere" Borsalino ". Reported that Belmondo felt stung. Others argued that it is tricky to promote the site. Either way, these actors will play together only after thirty years.

In 1971, Delon producing the film "The Assassination of Trotsky. In the small role he invites Romy Schneider. Journalists with malice noted that in three films, was released in 1971, and a tireless playboy Delon playing with his ex-wife, Natalie, with a current lover Mireille Darc and with his eternal fiancee Romy Schneider.

And ahead of Delon was a scandal. His friend, Yugoslav Stefan Markovic, contrive, dies under mysterious circumstances. Police search a house Delon. Actor spent several hours with investigators at the Palace of Justice at Versailles. Although Delon was interrogated as a witness, he resorts to his connections, wrote a letter to President Pompidou, appears on television, proclaiming his innocence. In the end it will close, but for years to come it will excite the public.

Delon has funded a number of significant films, without which they would not see the screen - this "Gypsy" (1975) (in defense of persecuted tribe of Gypsies), and "Steady, watch children" (1978) (adverse effects of TV on young generation), and "Love Swann" (1983) (on Proust, which previously failed to make Visconti and Losey), and two paintings by Joseph Losey - anti-racist "Mr.

Photo - Alain Delon
«Alain Delon»

Klein" (1975) and "The Assassination of Trotsky" (1972) .

In 1980, Delon took the absolutely antikommercheskuyu picture "surgeon" with a mandate to withdraw Pierre Granier-Deferru. The main character, Jean-Marie - a doctor in a field hospital in the war of the future. Through his fate and the fate of seriously ill nurses, which then dies, viewed citizenship. In the box office film flopped, but Alain Delon was justly proud of his brainchild.

Back to the gallery films about how the society itself or its institutions (the police) are contributing to the offenders, should include the film "Two in the City" (1973) JosГ© Giovanni. In another picture of the director′s "Like a boomerang" (1976) speaks of a former gangster who became a successful businessman. But in order to save his son from death (he killed in a drugged dope police), he is forced to return to the old "how to" fight with the law. "As a boomerang" is a serious problem of parental responsibility for the fate of children.

However, a number of roles played by Alain Delon in different years, built on the same scheme. In the movie "Death of a scoundrel" (1977), his hero, Marechal, not embarrassed in the media, exposes the schizophrenic and police, and incidentally learns the truth about his friend, who was killed by his political "friends." Zherfo in "Three must be removed" (1980) - the player who seek to kill him, assuming that he knows too much - turns out to be stronger than all. In the film, Davis "Shock" (1982) the hero of Delon, Terry, is eager to get away from him prepared for the role of the murderer.

When Alain Delon refused simulated subjects, and appealed to the roles of his contemporaries, he disclosed those faces of his talent, which is already in the first roles were guessed it Visconti and Antonioni. Thus, it is particularly fortunate Pierre Nioks in "a person who rushes" (1977) Edouard Molinaro - the parable of the thing, which does everything on the fly (even married) and died of a heart attack after learning that a well-conceived machinations with the acquisition at auction of Etruscan vase completed successfully ... Delon played himself, his problems, demonstrating what can be subtle and sincere actor.

In 1980, screens out the picture "for the skin police - Delon′s debut as a director. At the same time he discovered a young actress Anne Periyo and ... initiated the rumors of a break with Mireille.

A May 29, 1982 did not become Romy Schneider, whose personal life has not turned out well.

Photo - Alain Delon
«Alain Delon»

Upon learning of the tragedy, Delon hired a helicopter and flew to the funeral ...

Later Alain funded phantasmagoric comedy of his friend Bertrand Blier "Our History" (1984). Main female role she performed a beautiful actress Natalie Bai. Alain Delon plays a scum, who vainly tries to regain spree wife, resorting to the most awkward means. This character Delon - eternally unshaven, slightly podshofe, evoked sympathy and the sympathy of the viewer. But "delonisty" it is not accepted and refused to support the actor in his desire to change roles.

When the selection committee did not include "our story" in the number of applicants the main prize of the Cannes Film Festival, Delon in an interview that the committee members squalor, adding that they - "the living embodiment of intellectual and cinematic dementia ...

Soon got, and politics: actor criticized the government of the Left, President Mitterrand and praised the National Front leader Le Pen. Delon is in isolation. Charges of "Our History" had plummeted, and the picture quickly descends from the screen.

Delon is back to square one in the movie "The Word Police" (1985), playing in the Commissioner′s resignation. Painting made charges, was bought outside France. No less enthusiastic admirers of Delon met the film "Do not wake a sleeping Bug′s Life" (1988). In an interview with "Premier" Delong said that he, of course, easier to do only that which pleases the audience. But he wants to do something else, unexpected, as the likes risk.

In 1987, Delon met Rosalie Van Bremen. Allen was going on tour to Germany to present a plate of his songs "Like a movie." It should have been accompanied by a chorus. One of them fell ill and was replaced by Rose.

Career Delon in the film - is unique. Once Alain Delon quoted Thomas Mann: "Talent means the ability to obtain future. He can rightly say that he made himself, taking his place, which can be proud of. "My mother gave me a favorable appearance. It is important my dignity. You had to be an idiot not to do in this career. "

France acknowledged his services to the dignity, conferred the Order of the Legion of Honor, which he had long dreamed of. At the ceremony Allen uttered the words full of dignity: "I have nothing to prove. Needless to offer themselves to the forefront. I just put myself in his place. " President Francois Mitterrand, in presenting the award, appealed to the Delaunay with warm words, calling it "an integral part of the image of France."

Delon has succeeded not only in the movies.

Photo - Alain Delon
«Alain Delon»

The horses from his stables successfully participate in the races. He - the owner of shares Airlines Transyuniti. He has a furniture factory. Places the Delon and a network of shops selling clothes. Perfume, Alain Delon "have success in the market. Actor owns a big estate near Orleans, a luxury apartment in Paris.

Business quality Delon succeeded by his son Anthony. Their relationship has never been simple. As an adult, Anthony founded his own company to sell leather goods, A. Delon. Delon Sr. decided that his son was speculating on his behalf, and filed in court. But Anthony won the case, demanded from him to write his full name on the label. Having survived the ups and downs of their relationship today, when Anthony, moreover, began to act in films, in general, normal.

Once Delon dreamed removed from directors "new wave" - Truffaut, Chabrol, Godard. It took thirty years, and in 1990 released film by Jean-Luc Godard with a symbolic name "New Wave", which Delon starred in the title role.

In 1992 he played in the movie "The Return of Casanova". His character - one of the greatest seducers in history. When asked what the concept means to him - a temptation, seduction, Delon replied: "First of all, be seductive - is absolutely necessary quality for an actor of my roles. If you do not possess them, it is best to retrain in gardeners. And yet ... I absolutely know I have never in my life have tempted any woman (in the sense that this word has invested himself Casanova). That woman is always solved itself, how to behave ... "

Delone not take decisive. On his return to the theater in 1997, he said: "Either I failed miserably, or will have a huge success!" Delon again appeared on stage theater Marigny. In the play by Schmitt′s "Enigmatic Variations" (staged by Murat Bernard), he plays an aging writer experiencing a creative crisis. And then the writer is faced with the irresistible new love. "Alexander - is to a large extent I do, - says the actor. - After forty years of successful career person usually asks a question: Is not it time to leave, to leave the scene? I mean not only the actors but writers, politicians - but you never know who? Alexander - it′s all we, the people of XX century. And to me it still looks like because at the end of life we were lucky enough to find love. "

At the end of March 1998 the French rolling out a new action comedy by Patrice Leconte, "One chance in two", which met again two legends - Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

If "Borsalino" they fought with "their" gangsters, but now their opponents are Russian gangsters. Of course, the film is a lot of fights, shooting and smashing expensive cars, but through accessories militants shines brightly amusing comedy characters. The heroine is the new star of French screen Vanessa Paradis. It seemed as if the film is doomed to success. But the first month′s rental fees were only a third of the amount spent on the film. Allen was terribly upset. Alas, but also in France, young people prefer a Hollywood production.

In 1999, Delon took Swiss nationality and became a full-fledged resident of the Canton of Geneva Shen-Bourges, where he spent fifteen years removes villa. This is not such high taxes, as in France ... Main his happiness, he considers family. "I have a wife, Rosalie, children Anna and Alain-Fabien, they make me forget sometimes about loneliness, - the actor says excitedly. - But if a man is alone inside, through and through, this is not to anyone, and never dull. Man is born alone, live and die in such solitude. This objectivity. I grew up alone, was in the hostel one fought alone. I can not change in 60 years. Family for me - a quiet haven in this dirty world. My only value.

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