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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…
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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…
  4. Photo: Katharine HepburnIn the city of Hartford, in the summer May 12, 1907 into a wealthy family, was born Katherine Hepber. His father, Thomas Norvel Hepburn, was a wonderful doctor and his mother, Katharine Houghton in March, the daughter of a wealthy owner…
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  6. Photo: Brigitte BardotBrigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934 into a wealthy family of a retired military man. The whole family lived Borda, near Paris, in a suburb of Neuilly. Bridget's parents, like real Parisian bourgeoisie, gave his daughter a good education,…
  7. Photo: Liza MinnelliLiza Minnelli was born on March 12, 1946 in Los Angeles, her parents, Vincent Minnelli and Judy Garland worked directors of musicals and musical comedies, so Liza's musical talent developed from childhood. Liza's childhood was quite happy: her parents spoiled and…
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  17. Photo: Charles ChaplinEnglish actor and film director. Starting with the 1910-ies created in the image of the dumb comedies vagabondage Charlie combining set to take: mustaches, bowler hat, walking stick. Appeared in films: "Gold Rush", "Circus," "The Great Dictator", "footlights", "Lights Big City",…

Alec Guinness

Photo - Alec Guinness
«Alec Guinness»

English actor and film. Among his best stage roles: Joker ( "King Lear", Dmitry ( "The Brothers Karamazov"), Andrew Egyuchik ( "Twelfth Night"), Dr. Uikstid (Yes you have the body ") and others appeared in films: "Great Expectations", "Good Heart and Crown", "Bridge over the River Kvay" (Oscar), "Cromwell", "Star Wars", "Kroshka Dorri, etc.

Alec Guinness was born on April 2nd, 1914 in London. In the 14 years he lost his father. Together with their mother, they changed one after another pitiful board disappeared on the day of payment. Once paralyzed old actress, talking to young Aleco Guinness, surprised his ability to notice everything: the human extravagancy, plastic movements, the relationship between people and things - and predrekla his stage career.

The dream of becoming an actor at times seemed a pipe. Even when he was taken on the recommendation of John Gilguda in the theater school, it was unknown whether he will be able to learn. Everything depended on the fact whether he will find work that would give him a livelihood. Without a relationship, and means (he even did not know the name of his father), Alex could have as long as you want to dream about the theater, but after the school became a clerk in a London office.

Then, leaving the service, Alex hungry to pay for lessons at the famous actress. He did not fell the spirit or when just before the test to learn that the scholarship Leverhyuma (the only chance to study free of charge) abolished or when the story was repeated in the studio Fay Compton, where he studied with the glitter of the year. Forget about pride in that time, Alex asked for help from John Gilguda.

Five years spent in the Guinness Old Vike. Initially raised and lowered the curtain, and then served tiny role. Already in the early stages of the creative ways it is closely linked its fate with the plays of Shakespeare. In 1934, Guinness Gilgudom delivered his debut in "Hamlet" as Ozrika. But only in February 1937, he entrusted the important role of Sir Andrew Egyuchika, foolish knight, bully and a coward, in Shakespeare′s comedy "Twelfth Night." This was not a very good prime minister: in spite of the experience and talent of the director Guthrie Tayrona, the play has lost its inherent joie de vivre. Guthrie felt that his "rough, immature production of Guinness played all funny.

Since then, Guinness has played with success in other Shakespearean plays: "Richard III", "Merchant of Venice", "School of slander, as well as in Chekhov" Three Sisters. " In 1938, actor, glittering in the title role in a modernized version of "Hamlet" (staged by Guthrie), and then got the role of Ferdinand in "Bure" Shakespeare.

Alec Guinness, dreaming about his own troupe of young actors, wrote a mock "great hope", but the war began.

In 1941 he left to fight.

Photo - Alec Guinness
«Alec Guinness»

Guinness served in the Mediterranean Sea and participated in the landing on Sicily, delivered ammunition guerrillas Greece and Yugoslavia.

Back in 1946 in London, he played in "King Lira" jester. Critics have taken his work with delight. It took five years to Guinness was one of the outstanding masters of the English theater. During those five years he has played little role, but each was unique approach to the image. And in each of them in the bright talent of the actor revealed new facets.

Affected the breadth of talent of Guinness: followed by the Roman patrician Agrippa, he played Hlestakova ... And in a later repertory theater actor, there are a variety of heroes - from Distinguishing vysokotragicheskih before. Memorable were his Dmitri in The Brothers Karamazov "and the Dauphin in" St. John "The Show. Still, Alec Guinness - especially tragicomic actor. In addition, he an Englishman to the core and, consequently, direct heir to the English ironistov. He knows how to deftly undermine mockery dramatism provisions, which are his heroes. At the same time, there is sometimes tragic in their most eccentric whimsy and attacks. Eccentric Guinness takes the stage with a freedom and passion that have always been characterized by great British artists.

Of course, to pass by this talented, interesting actor of film productions could not.

In 1946, David Lin, film "Great Expectations", invited the actor to the role of Herbert Poketa. Herbert in the performance of Guinness - the young man with a gentle nature, ability to enjoy a victory in the fight each other, share with him in mortal danger, tactfully teach him the rules of good manners. Hard to believe that the same actor could play Feydzhina in "Oliver Twist" (1947) - High-dark old man with creaky voice. Hero of Guinness with a strange intoxication thievery teach children the London floor. His buffoonery is more horror than laughter.

The first Guinness kinoroli allowed to show one of the strengths of his actor′s personality - the ability to create memorable, distinctive image. Its characters are unusual, queer. This oddity is Guinness unique character traits that help him discover the essence of man, to find an individual color for each image.

Character of Guinness, his inclination to the grotesque have attracted the attention of masters of the English kinokomedii. In 1949, director Robert Heymer removes the actor in the movie "Good heart, and crown." The hero of the picture, Louis decides to make the title and wealth, destroying all the legal heirs of the family D′Askoyn, images are created and stolid Guinness. The actors had to perform one and Eight nemuyu speaking roles: he was the Admiral, General retired banker, Vicario, Duke, a photographer, amateur, young love, and even suffragette in crinoline. For each character Guinness is fresh and individual characteristics, and each time causing laughter.

The classical model of the English humor is a variation on the theme of "murder as a work of art." Comedy was a great success.

Photo - Alec Guinness
«Alec Guinness»

Another great success enjoyed Guinness, hit all the grace and credibility reincarnation. Critics called him "kinohameleonom" actor "with the person, the company rolled into one" and has repeatedly complained that the actor does not instructed all roles in this picture.

For the comic role in the film "Banda from Lavender Hill" (1951) American kinoakademiki included in the Guinness number of applicants for Oscar. Virtuoso has always been an actor playing a laugh.

Having decided that Guinness could play any role, he has been invited to film "Map" (1952) on the roles of hero-lover, and then in the melodrama "Malta Story" (1953), which tells of the love of beauty pilot, killed in battle.

Guinness producers liked, often photographed, but were forced to always run, fall, fall in the spirit of the early comic films, such as in the picture Heymera "Father Brown" (1954), staged on the grounds of stories Chestertona.

Panorama ginnesovskih characters in the film Heymera directors has created a confidence that one skill Guinness to give life and charm eccentric characters and of itself provide a true picture of success. It is therefore no coincidence that a number of films Guinness varies the same way disappointed failure, the case will suddenly become rich, gained the love and family happiness, and just as suddenly lishivshegosya all of this.

In the movie "scapegoat" (1959) Alec Guinness, served two roles - a French aristocrat and English professor, came to Paris on vacation and on misunderstanding of the outside of his double. Professor aristocrat became the head of the family, faced with a number of surprises. In particular, he discovered that his imaginary mother - morfinistka. This contemptible lady played by Betty Davis.

A rare gift of reincarnation Guinness became attraction, oddity - a standard mask characters Guinness. Better understand such fatal road himself an actor who would like to see the losers - the romance, faced with the prosaic and brutal century, the oddity - obsession with the noble ideas of comedies situations - tragic in its unexpected, unusual aspect.

Guinness has created a series of bright, with intelligence, and non-standard characters, fanatical devotees of the dream or idea: the inventor of eternal matter Sid Stretton ( "Man in white suit), a genius of a criminal underground Markus (" Lady Killers "), polupyany and forever hungry artist-avant-gardist Galli Dzhimson ( "mouth of the artist").

Performance in the complex psychological roles in such films as "Great Expectations", "Bridge over the River Kvay", "Melodies of Fame," "Fall of the Roman Empire," Guinness has one of the most original and profound dramatic actors of our time.

Naturally, that the best of the "full", the dramatic roles of Guinness has become indomitable Colonel Nicholson in the movie "Bridge over the River Kvay" (1957), which is building a strategically important bridge in the Japanese prisoner to maintain the morale of soldiers and concentration camp commandant Saito to prove the absurdity of Japanese version of racism.

Photo - Alec Guinness
«Alec Guinness»

Nicholson for the role of Alec Guinness received the Oscar as best actor of the year.

Two years later, Alec Guinness repeated image of "ideal war" in the film Nimah "Melodies of Fame" (1960). His hero - overbearing, extremely selfish people. Is much stronger than in the previous film, Guinness reveals the duality of bigotry, reckless devotion, brought up in the British Army. The hero of "Melody of Fame" is a desperate and unscrupulous struggle for its prestige, for power and glory. At this time obsession turns into selfishness, cruelty and meanness.

Alec Guinness was filmed and Distinguishing roles of the second plan, but often "pass" characters fill the entire space of the film - as, for example, King Faisal in Lawrence Arabian "or ill-fated King Charles I in Cromwell."

In 1960, Alec Guinness was erected in the British Queen knights.

Despite the fact that he generously shares itself between the theater and film, we can say that first of all, Alec Guinness owns the theater. But it is theatrical in its high aesthetic sense also in the best roles they created in the films. In this regard, it is near Scofield, and many more, Olivier.

In the early 1970′s, a bustling success was the performance "Yes you have the body" by Alan Bennett. In an interview with Michael Lichem, published in 1973, "Pleyz end pleyerz, Alec Guinness said, that read" Yes you have the body, it is not immediately decided to take up the role of doctor Uikstida. Interest in the play came only after the proposed nature of him wanted to open a line directly opposite levity, carelessness, high excitement and cheerfulness.

Guinness drew attention to the age of the hero, loved his own. The sexual adventures of doctor one way or another, coming to an end, and he can not complain about this. The actor has to molodyaschegosya Thin Uikstida, in the light cylinder, with a buttonhole buttonhole, the kind of graceful melancholy, contemplative reflection. He gave his views, aspirations at the interlocutor, the spectators, in which etched merged pert cynicism and regret lived. It is felt that the hero is a miserable and lost both. A vagabond and a wry smile Uikstida - Alec Guinness, you can read the skeptical mockery of itself. Even the concluding couplets Uikstida, performed by the curtain, that "more than capable vozhdelet live longer", does not sound too fun. The actor recalls the frailty of all things, including human flesh.

However, Alec Guinness appeared on the scene less, although it continued to play in different theaters of England. More often, he appeared in films and on television, where, according to the actor, the burden is much lower than in the theater.

Thin typical actor, he played a mysterious agent in the television version of the novel Le CarrГ© "Metal, tailor, soldier, spy" (1979) and "Smiling People" (1981).

For several years, Alec Guinness was "an agent of British intelligence - George Smilies" - the hero of two large series that were shot on the works of John Le CarrГ©.

Guinness on the big screen you can see in the movies "Kroshka Dorri," "Caligula," "A Handful of Dust," "Cromwell", "Sick of Love", "Comedianta. Viewers remembered him Ben Kenobi in the legendary TV series "Star Wars" - "Star Wars" (1977), "Empire strikes back" (1980), "The Return of Gedo (1983).

In 1989, after a decade of absence, 75-year-old actor is back in the West End (west of London, which houses several theaters), where he waited for the role of Russian diplomats in the Lee Blessing play "A Walk in the woods." When asked whether he did not think for themselves is to return to stage a risky, he answered: "In fact, many talked about the risk, but I do not quite understand what they have in mind. I do all work professionally. No nervous overloads that do not have. Main - always be in the form, and then does not matter whether you play in front of the camera or in front of the hall ... Yes, really challenging role - the play is an intense dialogue. Text too many, it is not so easy to remember. However, I deal with this matter, rather than proud of. "

Guinness created the winning image of an elderly Russian diplomat, whose subtle, witty remarks sound very impressive. "I did not want to exaggerate too Russian accent, but at the same time, it was necessary to find some characteristic intonation, - told the actor about his work on the role. - I wrote a letter to the Soviet embassy, and I was very kindly invited to dinner. There, however, as expected, almost all spoke excellent English. But some sounds are "issued" the Russians. It′s what helped me find the key to the character. "

In 1999, the British Film Institute declared Alec Guinness best British actor of all time (in the list of most popular films included nine paintings from his participation).

P.S. Alec Guinness died on 5 August 2000.

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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
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