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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…
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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…
  4. Photo: Katharine HepburnIn the city of Hartford, in the summer May 12, 1907 into a wealthy family, was born Katherine Hepber. His father, Thomas Norvel Hepburn, was a wonderful doctor and his mother, Katharine Houghton in March, the daughter of a wealthy owner…
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  7. Photo: Liza MinnelliLiza Minnelli was born on March 12, 1946 in Los Angeles, her parents, Vincent Minnelli and Judy Garland worked directors of musicals and musical comedies, so Liza's musical talent developed from childhood. Liza's childhood was quite happy: her parents spoiled and…
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Charles Chaplin

Photo - Charles Chaplin
«Charles Chaplin»

English actor and film director. Starting with the 1910-ies created in the image of the dumb comedies vagabondage Charlie combining set to take: mustaches, bowler hat, walking stick. Appeared in films: "Gold Rush", "Circus," "The Great Dictator", "footlights", "Lights Big City", "New Times," "Monsieur Verde", "King of New York, " The Countess from Hong Kong, etc.

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born April 16, 1889 in London, grew up in abject poverty. His mother, Hannah Hill, - music-hall actress with a failed career. His father, Charlie, also an artist, first played mimic scenes, then, as if saying, "the dramatic genre and the singer." In 1890, Chaplin went to the senior tour in America. While it was not, Hanna brought a new husband - music-hall singer Leo Draydena and bore him a son. But after six months Drayden disappeared along with the six-month baby.

Chaplin Senior virtually nothing to help the ex-wife, his son Charlie, and stepsons Sydney (he was the older brother by four years). Hanna then hired nurse, Sheila is on the church community members. In 1894, it took in the variety show, but once she broke the voice. On the same evening, saving the situation, the scene went a little Charlie and sang a funny song.

Hanna barely make ends meet, but sons do not remember so much poverty, but rather attempt to make their life a funny and little joy. However, the situation became quite desperate when his mother first put in the hospital for the mentally ill, and then placed in a workhouse. The children were in the shelter.

Hanne has become something better, then worse. November 12, 1898 it was released from the hospital. They settled on three of Broom Street. Charlie had become a professional actor. In the nine years he has served in suburban music halls in the variety show "Eight Lancastrian guys, but when he was fourteen, Manager, Theater of the Duke of York" Hamilton immediately took on the role of Chaplin′s mailing Dzhilleta Billy in the play "Sherlock Holmes."

In 1906, Chaplin acted in a room of young comedians "Circus Casey." Then he produced a solo number, which has tried to portray ridiculously old Jew. But first - and last - Exit out of failure. Fifty-odd years, Chaplin said: "In the theater I was, In fact, an excellent comic. Well, in the show and all this other. But I have not learned to lead, but without the comic can not be. Talking with the audience is not able to. I played too well. Seriously, that I ... Yes, seriously. "

Finally he was in company of Fred Carnot. Charlie singing, dancing, juggling, doing acrobatic numbers. In 1910 Chaplin played a major role in the new play "fearless, Jimmy, or the Young Hero." The young actor noticed criticism.

Together with a troupe of Carnot Chaplin went on tour in the United States. Statements have been quite successful. Charlie was fascinated by that country. Reporters wrote that he had - from a family of Jewish vodevilnyh actors. Biographer J. Robinson carefully reviewed the four generations and found no evidence of Jewish origin as an actor for the Chaplin, and through the Hanna Hill.

During the next tour in the United States, at the end of 1912, the play "A Night in an English music-hall" visited Mack Sennet - father of American comedy. The company Kistoun "invited Charlie removed in kinokomediyah for a hundred and fifty dollars a week.

Chaplin clothed in a gray frock-coat dandified, cylinder, monocle, called Chezom, character negative qualities - petulance, arrogance, cunning, brutality. Viperous jackanapes participated in several scenes. Chaplin′s first film was called "earning a living." Apart from two or three good tricks in this tape there is no hint of the image that it will create later.

Mack Sennet and his staff were inexhaustible on fiction and not be afraid of repetition and borrowing. Chaplin has a high English tradition. She immediately identified him, did the author, the director.

Charlie claimed that the first time his famous suit in which it recognized everywhere he wore in the movie "incredibly difficult position Mabel" (February 1914). According to him, he wanted to join the opposite - a small hat and huge shoes, baggy trousers and a close pidzhachok. Big sad eyes contrasted with coquettish little mustaches. Typical gait was born different. Charlie over at her old man, nicknamed Chudila Binks, who took care of horses at the pub his uncle Spencer.

Kinokomedii involving Chaplin had been successful. However, producers often annoyances of boards, and then he decided to shoot himself on their own scenarios. His first band "caught up in the rain" was one of the best in "Kinstoune.

In 1915, he shot 12 films for the Chicago firm of Essen, one month, among them the great success enjoyed "Champion", "Бродяга," "Woman," "Night in the music-hall." In these simple comedies brodyazhka Charlie fiercely fought for the existence of: a weak, gullible, defenseless, and it can be artful, obstinate, even treacherous. He not only defend themselves but also fought for justice, defending the weak, punish the perverse. For that not only taken Charlie: He was a banker, and malaria, and the beggars and the police, and mechanics, and laborers, even Tarzanom, even ... beauty Carmen! When the term of the contract expired, Charlie asked for when signing a new contract, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in cash. This was his main condition. The "Essen" rejected. Finished shooting the film "Carmen" (a parody of the noise screen Opera), Chaplin traveled to New York, where the brother of Sydney considered all the proposals in his address on the work of other film companies.

Chaplin and not suspected of using his immense popularity of movies in New York, so they hit him fame literally stunned him.

Photo - Charles Chaplin
«Charles Chaplin»

He stood in the crowd at Times Square, where the light panels on the building, located where the wording of the newspaper The Times, ran the letters: "Chaplin signs a contract with Myuchuel" to 670000 dollars a year. "Dreams come true. Since poverty and humiliation been eradicated forever.

The very first film "The Controller department, shot Chaplin in" Myuchuel "was a great success. Soon, he led the work, and every month for a comedy produced in two parts - "Fire", "wanderer," "In the hour of the night", "Earl," "my uncle′s," "the screen." ..

"Perhaps the work of" Myuchuel "was the most happy period of my creative life - the actor wrote. - I was twenty-seven years, I am not a burden, no care, and the future be carried fabulous. Soon I was to be a millionaire - all this is just -just brush aside for delirium. lilis Money river ... Undoubtedly, the success of changes in the lives of all people. When I was with someone familiar, a new person has looked at me with great interest. Although I was only just squirt, my opinion has become a big weight. "Chaplin got Secretary lackeys, car and chauffeur.

Of the last four bands for Myuchuel "made in 1917 - two considered masterpieces. This "Quiet Street" by Walter Kerr called "a charming little comedy" and "immigrants".

"The basis of all my films is such a move: I get into any trouble, scrape, but in spite of everything, with a hopeless kind of seriousness of the case, even though my score did not happen. Therefore, no matter how desperate it was not my position, I will not let go a walking stick, a flash came Nabok correct pot or a tie, even if only that I was flying upside down, "- Charlie Chaplin wrote.

Finished in Myuchuel, he signed a contract with First neyshnl, while deciding to build his own studio. "... writing the script, playing himself, and put fifty-two movies a week of the year - it does require tremendous effort, exhausting expenditure of nervous energy. After each picture, I feel broken and completely exhausted - I had to at least the day lie in bed ... I tried to romance novels are not hindered my work. And when passion does break through the barriers which are not normally go thank goodness - a bust, or shortfall. But the job has always been for me most of all. "

The first new film studio called "a dog′s life" (1918). Film scholar Louis Dellyuk called it "the first piece of art in cinema." This is a story about a homeless, living on the bottom, on poverty and hunger, prostitution, and injustice. Charlie compares the existence of stray dogs named Skreps and habitation of two losers - Charlie and Edna vagrant-pevichki.

In early April, Chaplin, along with Fairbanks, Pikford and Wagner went to the east coast to advertise "freedom loan. He is not appealed without success to donate money to the great army. Chaplin returned to Hollywood in early May. By this time he has matured design new film, called "On the shoulder." The film, showing the senseless brutality of war, was one of Chaplin′s greatest successes, which can not be said about his marriage with a young actress Mildred Harris. Charlie met with her at the end of 1917, at a party at Sam Goldvina. Mildred was only fourteen, but she already knew the sex sense. "There followed dinners, dances, moon night, walking on the sea - and the inevitable happened. Mildred alarmed. " September 23, 1918 Charlie joined her in marriage. Unfortunately for him, and gorshe was that the pregnancy because of hasty that he was married, was a false alarm.

У Чаплина наступил творческий кризис. In 1919, he withdrew just two tapes - "sunny side" and "Fun Day". The work was painstakingly, and actor in the whole vinyl unsuccessful marriage. July 7, Mildred Norman birth, but he lived only three days.

Ten days after the death of his son Chaplin had already made a sample of new film, shot children. Main partner he had found earlier. In Orfeume Charlie saw dancing on the stage of a four-year boy Jackie Kuga.

Work on the "baby" (1920) was a long, hard, brought a lot of unrest. As preparation for shooting the film, Chaplin said: "I want to make a great picture, which for the comic scenes and burlesknymi be hiding irony, pity, satire." He spent filming the movie of the six parts of a year, investing in a 300 thousand dollars. Some scenes peresnimalis more than a hundred times!

Between Chaplin and Kuganom established a complete mutual understanding. In the stage of separation from the baby, who kidnapped, Chaplin had reached the top of the dramatic tension. Confusion on his face was the culmination of his art and honesty. Eventually brodyazhka Charlie rushes in pursuit of the kidnappers, and followed them on a nearby street.

At this time, Chaplin began again pester family. He peacefully part with Mildred Harris. However, journalists were able to fan the scandal. As a result, Harris had accused her husband of cruelty. During the divorce process, lawyers were speaking on the confiscation of his tapes "kid." Chaplin fled to Salt Lake City to cover the negative in the Mormon capital. One threat enough that he acknowledged his defeat and was superseded by Mildred on all articles. Divorce dearly cost the actor.

Following the success of "Baby" and scandalous divorce, Chaplin allowed myself some respite. In 1922, he withdrew to the First neyshnl "pay day", as follows - "Pilgrims", and thus with the leave of the company.

In pursuit of creative autonomy, Chaplin, along with the most renowned cinematographers of America - David Griffith, Mary Pikford and Douglas Fairbanks - In 1919, organizes the film "United artists, funding, and rolled their pictures.

Chaplin takes for "United artists′ sentimental drama" Parisian "(1923).

Photo - Charles Chaplin
«Charles Chaplin»

In the lead roles glittering Edna Perviens and Adolf Menzhu. Chaplin only for a moment appeared on the screen in the form of a porter at the railway station. But remember, this tiny role. Criticism of the film was enthusiastic, Chaplin called a genius.

Now Charlie had to make a film, which, as he liked to say he most wanted to stay in the memory of posterity. "Some weeks I muchilsya, looking theme. I keep a firmament: "This film should be the greatest film era" - but nothing helped. "Once, Chaplin took his hands stereoscope and the photograph on the Klondike gold miners had made him such a strong impression that he had the idea to remove the picture on this topic.

"Gold Rush" (1925) - one of the best films of all time and people, with rare ingenuity makes a romantic and even tragic situation suddenly go into comic. Chaplin himself thought this picture a masterpiece.

The "Gold fever" refers to 1898. On ice deserts of Alaska is moving chain of gold. One of them - Charlie, a small, good, amorous man, trying to live among the gross, cruel, obsessed with people motivated by financial gain. His hut hlipkaya lurch over the precipice ice. Snow desert threatens to starve to death in Alaska. But Charlie carelessly poised over the abyss and eat their own shoes, pulling shoelaces, like spaghetti, obsasyvaya nails, as the bones, cutting sole as steak. He runs away from a bear, Big Jimmy Mc-Kay (Max Sueyn) rescues him from the villain Larsen (Tom Murrey). They become friends.

Above it viciously bullied when he falls in love with a girl from saluna, where wine, playing cards and plyashut successful prospectors and brazen adventurer. In salune Charlie bravely resists pugnacious man of muscle. To entertain my girlfriend, he displays dancing buns - mimic a masterpiece of art: two rolls with forks stuck in them, represent the feet of the dancer, the eyes, eyebrows, lips attached Chaplin dance lyrical sadness, extraordinary expressiveness.

"Gold fever" is good: Gold found rich Charlie triumphantly returned to the boat, ready to make happy all your friends.

Theodore Haff, noting the game Chaplin wrote: "His pantomime effectively than ever. Standing with his back to the camera in a scene in the dance hall, he was behind more than many actors - the eyes and lips. Question raised eyebrow, the movement of his hats are wonderful for the diversity of emotions. "

"Gold Rush" in Chaplin cost 923,886 dollars, over time, she brought him more than six million. In Berlin "Kapiole" famous "Dance of buns" led the audience in such a delight that the fragment was then prokruchen again.

During the shooting of Charlie Chaplin was forced to marry at fifteen Lite Gray, who was waiting for his child, otherwise the actor threatened with imprisonment of up to 30 years! "I will not deal with the details of the marriage - he wrote later, Chaplin, - we have two adult sons [Sydney and Charlie], which I love. We lived with his wife two years trying to create a family, but did not succeed, both have only a sense of bitterness. "

January 15, 1926, he begins shooting the "Circus" and is working on a film before the end of the year. But it is waiting for a new scandal: In early December, Lita Gray, along with his sons moved to his mother. January 10, 1927 her lawyers filed a suit for divorce. It starts the battle. Frighten Chaplin runs from Hollywood and hiding from his lawyer, as he begins unbridled campaign. By Netanya Berkenu attorney sent a specialist in nervous diseases. Society break china rumors of madness and even suicide Chaplin.

Lita accused Charlie of cruelty and immorality. Her statement to the court consisted of 42 pages. It was reprinted and sold on the streets for 25 cents per copy. Chaplin′s wife disclosed in the statement of some of the details of their family life: for those two years, he allegedly had five lovers, he repeatedly threatened her loaded pistol, several times offered to address the group sex, as well as indulge her love in front of an audience ...

After the divorce proceedings, the decision by Lita Gray won a million dollars and solid perpetuity, Charlie came to the clinic for nervnobolnyh. However, he explained to his nervous breakdown in a different way, saying, felt ill after the premiere of "Gold Fever" in New York, which was held with great success.

Of the clinic, he goes absolutely sedym. Designed as a funny comedy, "The Circus" (1828) becomes gloomy tone: accidentally got in the circus brodyazhka is превеликие and failures in the arena and in love. Especially meaningly scene where Charlie is on the highly tight rope, and the evil little monkey running around, bite and schiplyut it. Animals belonged to four different tamer, and everyone wanted to become a star. Monkeys frighten and so much pokusali Chaplin, he had to be treated for six weeks. Thus, through cinema, he told of their pain.

When the "Circus" was released to the screens, some leagues have called for a boycott of the film. But the call was not followed. The film brought 2,5-3 million dollars in revenue and had enough success that Chaplin could fix its financial situation, and in March 1928 to begin work on the painting "Big City Lights": "Twilight attacked silent film, and it was sad because it is beginning to reach perfection ... However, I firmly decided to continue to do the silent films. " Chaplin surprised Hollywood when introduced in the movie soundtrack and music, but without dialogue.

His first sound film, which does not contain a single word, has been permeated, filled with delightful melodies.

Photo - Charles Chaplin
«Charles Chaplin»

"Lights Big City" (1931) based on a combination of the two story lines: a little love brodyazhki Charlie to blind flower girl and his friendship with an alcoholic-millionaire.

Brodyazhka Charlie, playing a rich man, tries to help her recover. Can not forget comedy stunts Chaplin: as he sinks, vytaskivaya drunken millionaire from the water as the pasta absorbs the longissimus at the restaurant, like hiccups in the throat with a whistle, as the winds in the chair when the florist accidentally catch nitochku to his waistcoats, takes her by the end of its yarn and kindly conversing, stow underwear Charlie in a big ball of ... But the scene is even stronger when the sight Flower learns of his benefactor in the pitiful oborvantse. A Charlie under her question, and then understand glance - one of the most expressive close-ups in the history of world cinema. Confused and timid smile, and pain and love and hope in the eyes! Sam Chaplin said: "Yes, I know that there are, as expected."

At the premiere of the film was accepted with delight. "Lights Big City" (1931) are not descended from the screen for three months.

While the shooting went on the "big city lights", the secular life of Chaplin had no power. The only thing he could afford - a game of tennis. He reached for her amazing skills and loved posorevnovatsya professionals. Charlie claimed that tennis helps him get rid of subconscious fears. Chaplin was fond of them to a great age. When in 1953 it got its own house in Switzerland, the first thing was built near the tennis court.

Чарли Чаплин повез x26quot;РћРіРЅРё больС?РѕРіРѕ РіРѕСЂРѕРґР°x26quot; РІ Европу, РіРґРµ Сѓ него было РјРЅРѕРіРѕ интересных встреч СЃ великими людьми - Черчиллем, Уэллсом, Бернардом РЁРѕСѓ, принцем Уэльским. The actor went on a visit at Einstein. He went into raptures when the researcher concluded the lively conversation about the global economy compliment: "You are not funny, Charlie, you are - an economist."

Only eight months later, Chaplin returned to Beverly Hills. In July 1932, he met with the actress Paulette Goddar. It was fun and funny. They are bound loneliness - Paulette did not know anyone in Hollywood. On weekends, they committed long road walks, went aboard to Catalina.

After traveling Chaplin started withdraw a new silent film - "New Times" (1936) with Paulette Goddar starring role. With a large state, he is particularly interested in the problems of the economy. In 1928, Charlie had his shares in the securities and liquid capital, thereby saving themselves from the effects of stock collapse. The film "New Times" - this is an emotional, self-comic vein, in response to concerns era. It begins with a symbolic matching herd sheep in the crowd of workers, vomit factory. Brodyazhka Charlie goes to the American factory, where compelled to repeat the madness of the same movement of the conveyor mchaschegosya rapidly.

Hardly, hardly escape from the clutches of the machine, brodyazhka does not lose dignity, finds the strength to protect the young and equally defenseless girl towers over painful circumstances by sheer force of spirit and purity of her love. He is proud, in spite of his small build, a quiet gait, and squalid garments, takes your beloved′s hand and leads her toward the sun, toward a brighter future.

It is a complex characteristic of his hero Chaplin manages to give without words, without text, only through the image, gesture, composition skills and music.

Ten-Charles Jr., affects up to a physical and emotional exhaustion to bring Charlie to work on the picture. What Chaplin overfatigue treated, could in itself strike down any. He, for example, locked in the steam bath for three-quarters of an hour, after which more lay down and have dinner in bed.

5 February, 1936 "New Times" are beginning to show sold out in the hall of the Rivoli in New York, and from February 11 - at London′s Tivoli. " The audience took the film as you can only dream of. The first week of hire broke all records, but in the second week of public interest weakened. Chaplin decided to go to China and returned from the trip, found that "New Times" enjoyed great success. Many years later, Chaplin revealed that during this visit, they were married Paulette - in Canton.

Antichaplinskie feelings intensified when, gastroliruya to film "Lights Big City", he began to speak out on political issues. For example, Charlie called patriotism "the greatest folly of which has ever suffered from the world." The fact that Chaplin never became an American citizen, zlilo many Hollywood conservatives.

And he is back in painful meditation - whether to rent another dumb movie? "It was too difficult to think of the dumb story for an hour and forty minutes, embodying the wit in action ... On the other hand, I think about that, how well I played in an audio or movie, I still will not be able to surpass their skill in pantomime ... These are the sad thoughts too strong for me. We Paulette were married just a year, but our relations have already scheduled a gap. In part, this contributed to my bad mood and futile attempts to continue the work. Following the success of "New Times" "Paramount" Paulette has invited a few movies.

Photo - Charles Chaplin
«Charles Chaplin»

I could neither work nor have fun. "

Chaplin decided to remove the satirical film "The Great Dictator" (1940), ridiculed Hitler. In the midst of the director began to warn that he would be trouble.

Chaplin played in this movie, the two roles - the humble Jewish barber Charlie and the fascist dictator Hinkelya, which easily found out Hitler. Ostroparodiynye unforgettable scene Tablouri rustice Nazi parades, and especially the episode where upivayas their power, Hinkel zhongliruet huge globe, demonstrating the desire to master and manipulate the planet Earth. Staying true to his remarkable ingenuity in motion, facial expressions, stunts, musical accompaniment, Chaplin added to a bright journalistic texts, read with the wrathful temperament.

As indicated colleague Chaplin, an actor in the highest sense of the word, always vzhyvaju in the role. When he first put on coat and mask autocratic villain, even he himself had received discourage effect. According to his R. Gardiner, Chaplin first appeared on the court in uniform Hinkelya was noticeably colder and sharper in humans than in its role as a Jewish barber.

"The Great Dictator" had a hit with viewers, especially in England. For example, Basil Wright, the "Spectator" saw "movie" indisputable greatness, as his clean comedy, and in bold contrast to young people from the ghettos and slums bonze Nazi offices. Our Favorite Chaplin solves this equation is unique, inherent in it, only means of fantasy. "

During the war years as Chaplin could have fought against fascism: writing articles, making speeches, appearing in front of soldiers tending to the front.

A lot of takes away from his personal affairs. In 1942, Paulette received a divorce in Mexico, indicating the cause of the incompatibility, as well as the fact of separation for more than one year.

Chaplin in the meantime is looking for the actress to a major role in the movie "The Ghost and the reality." He offered to meet with the 17-year-old Unoy O′Neill, daughter of famous playwright. Nature had given her beauty, charm and a subtle mind, coupled with exceptional shyness.

However, at this time another scandal erupted. Young actress Joan Barry, which is contentious nature, filed in the Chaplin to the court, insisting that he is the father of her child. Chaplin was involved in another love affair. The judge ruled on the need for blood. The result of all the trouble and disappoint enemies Charlie: the child was not his. Still, the judge issued a verdict - Chaplin should pay the mother of the child allowance. Many saw in this decision, the court proof that Hollywood has never liked a genius actor. Increasingly, voices began to Chaplin′s deportation because of his left-hand orientation and thrust to nimfetkam.

In the midst of the scandal, 15 June 1943, Chaplin and Una O′Neill married. She said that now more than ever, it should be close to a man who loves and who loves her. Charlie was then fifty-five years, Une barely eighteen. But neither the age of the groom or his Dwarfism is not embarrassed Unu.

The trial of Joan Barry, a crock Chaplin. "I was not able to meet anyone or talk. I felt devastated, abused, exposed to ridicule. Even the presence of the servants of embarrassed me. " But, fortunately, soon Chaplin returned to the business. It is to add a script "Mse Verde", which began back in 1942. The main hero of the picture finds a logical continuation of the killing business. He kills rich widows and puts them in the capital. "It is intended to express the spirit of our time - the disaster creates people like him - said in front of Chaplin films. - It represents a psychological ailment, and the general crisis of modernity. It is suppressed, will harden and eventually become a pessimist. But there is no pathology, there is no pathology in the whole picture ... Under certain circumstances, the killing becomes shade farce, comedy ... "

The film "Monsieur Verde" (1947) was well received by audiences, but the press and many critics did not take. Moreover, Chaplin′s hit on charges that he pander communists. Members of the Catholic Legion picketed cinemas, and the picture was removed from rolled everywhere. In May 1947, journalists have begun to tease Chaplin to the question why he did not wish to accept American citizenship, to which he replied: "I internationalist rather than nationalist, so nationality does not seek." NBC arranged tapping his telephone conversations.

In an atmosphere of growing fear Chaplin kept bravely. The secret to Chaplin′s resilience in the face of storms and crises of the late 1940′s - in a happy marriage. His family has grown. First born Geraldine (1944), it was followed by: Michael (1946), Josephine Hanna (1949), Victoria (1951) ...

Chaplin said that the "footlights" will be his greatest and last picture. Movie he gave autobiographical features. In the form of an old clown Kalvero, in his sententious aphorisms easily recognized the face and thought of the Chaplin. A plot is simple: the old clown rescues and returns to the work of a sick ballerina.

The premiere was held at room studio Paramount. " In the list of invitees - celebrity, cinema veterans. Sydney Skolski in the magazine "Veraeti" wrote: "In the air, Vitali history and drama. Comedy and drama prevailed at the screen, and background of the dramatic shape of the plot "ramp lights" lit the light .... All the celebrities of Ronald Coleman and David Selznika from Pekory before Judge Sylvia Geybl, rose, zahlopali, cried "Bravo!" It looks like the whole Hollywood honored Chaplin.


September 17, 1952 Chaplin sailed with his family in England. Before his departure he was hard negotiations that have the right to return to the United States. The actor was at sea for two days to learn that in order to return, he must go through an investigation. He decided not to return.

Pogost in London, Chaplin′s family temporarily moved to Lausanne Hotel Beau Rivage. Charlie will soon find a suitable home. Already in January, they took Manuar de Ban (Manor exile) in the Corso-sur-Veve - three villa, along with 37 acres of lands designated for park, garden and flower bed. The family was born four children: Eugene (1953), Jane (1957), Annette (1959) and Christopher (1962).

In Switzerland, the family Chaplin was a lot of friends: Queen of Spain, Count d′Antrag, movie stars and writers. Spring came to visit the British and Americans, and the Chaplin lot of traveling. Una Chaplin was not only to his wife, the mother of his children, a friend in misfortune - she became a deity. Old age was a great comedian in surprising harmony with this fragile, modest and nice woman.

In 1957 came the movie "King of New York." The image of King Shedou, exiled from his kingdom and live in New York, revived some of the characteristics of brodyazhki Charlie. Powerlessness and vulnerability are still combined in it with dignity and humanity. The film, however, was not allowed to show in the United States.

Chaplin and Una, from time to time engaged in raids in Paris or London. In July-August 1961, they visited with children in the Far East, and in the spring of 1962 on first visited Ireland, where Chaplin addicted to catching salmon. Oxford University awarded him an honorary Doctor of Literature (1962). Ten days later, followed the example of Durham University of Oxford. Chaplin′s book "My Autobiography".

In 1966, he put the film "The Countess from Hong Kong" - Salon comedy involving Sophia Loren, Marlon Brando and a few comedians. A week before the end of filming Charlie, a well-suit for his latest role in a movie. He plays an elderly steward, exposed to very seasick. The character refers to his beloved comic type, and he implemented it in pantomime without words, as it did in the first of their roles on the screen.

Criticism unanimously recognized the picture of a failure. However, the name of her Chaplin provided rolled almost all over the world.

Gradually the forces left the great actor. Sometimes I receive a message about his new ideas, plans. But they all remained unfulfilled. More often messages appear on the signs of attention and appreciation from different countries. At the Cannes Film Festival in 1971, he received a special prize for creativity in general and then was awarded the Legion of Honor. At the international film festival in Venice, he received the "Golden Lion" (1972).

In 1972, the American Film Academy with a late tribute to Chaplin, he received "Oscar" for his outstanding contribution to making the art of cinema. " The actor, trained bitter experience, ready to attack, but his appearance at the ceremony, a strong applause. Infected in such a reception, he hardly selected words and showed an old trick with the pot. A year later, they remembered about it again when the movie "footlights" won her Oscar in Los Angeles.

In October 1974, Chaplin went to London to present his book "My Life in Film." In March the following year the Queen erected in his knightage. The ceremony turned into an unconditional triumph Chaplin.

Even when the life of him fold legends. For example, told that the American Institute of Public Opinion calculated the three most famous people of all times: the first was Jesus Christ, the second - Charlie Chaplin, the third - Napoleon Bonaparte. Or the legend that London has been arranged an international competition Chaplin imitators, which was attended by ninety men, and himself, Charles Spencer, speaking incognito, was only third.

The greatest actor of film, comic genius quietly died in the Christmas night, December 25, 1977. His modestly buried in a cemetery in the Anglican Church in Veve.

Upon learning of his death, Laurence Olivier said: "Maybe he is the greatest actor of all time." Barrot, Jean Louis called it "the highest model of artistic excellence and creative genius as a theatrical stage, and cinema. But above all it is unsurpassed mime, mimic, and his art, he teaches that it is possible to achieve maximum effect, without a single gesture - the full and complete immobility. " For Federico Fellini Charlie was "in a sense, Adam, from which we all are pedigree ... He has been twofold: vagrant - and a lonely aristocrat, prophet, preacher, poet. " American Bob Hope was brief: "We were lucky enough to be his contemporaries."

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