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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…
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Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin

Photo - Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin
«Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin»

Russian actor. Since 1898 in the Moscow art theater. Role: Theodore ( "The king Fedor Ioannovich) Protassov (" living corpse "), Luke (" On the bottom "), Pazuhin (" Death Pazuhina) and others appeared in the movies: "Polikushka" "college registrar, etc.

Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin was born on 6 (18) in June 1874 in Moscow, at Ilyinke, in a small house parents - the father of Mikhail Alekseevich, time masters, and the mother Darya Pavlovna. Once poor, the family was eight, and Gymnasium defeated only son, Michael (People′s Artist of USSR M. Tarkhanov), a senior, John, graduated in 1890, City College and went early in the people. " He serves on the washer in the store merchant Kalashnikov, then come to the iron foundry iron weigher and designated orders ...

Together with his sister, he went to pray for seventy-odd miles. Moskvin remember that traveling is still a young boy, and his sister, in the image of foot circulation "at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, he met hundreds of all kinds of strangers," pioneers "of Luke from" The Day ".

When he, not thin teenager with inconspicuous appearance, passion for the theater and decided to devote herself to the stage, his first attempt failed. In autumn of 1893 in an examination of Imperial College in the Little Theater Theater Ivan Moskvin began to read "The Song of Oleg Veschem" - and the fourth verse I heard the traditional: "Quite, thank you ..."

Moskvin, however, showed perseverance and two weeks later entered the Philharmonic Academy.

Veteran teacher Nemirovich-Danchenko felt his student fails and after several months of studies, warned that it would be unlikely to be suitable for the theater. Only noticed it in a completely off the role, the teacher said: "E-e-e, no, it seems you are small with a good talent!"

At the final examinations of 1896 Nemirovich-Danchenko instructed Moskvin role diametrically opposed to external and internal features. February 25, he played a doctor in Ranka "Nora" Ibsen and Misha Balzaminova in Ostrovsky comedy "Holiday sleep until lunch." And on another day in the play Shpazhinskogo "In the old years" Moskvin performed the role of an elderly impoverished nobleman.

"Over the last two performances - N.

Photo - Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin
«Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin»

Efros wrote - he played three different roles such as Dr. Ranko, Balzaminov and ChiriquГ­. After all, it ends! To cope with this challenge, as did the named student, a great ability to be removed from himself, vzhyvaju in the role, to live someone else′s life and make her feel different. And this is - synonymous with performing talents. In all three roles were wholeness, almost complete. "

Even very little material about moskvinskom Ranko suggests such qualities novice actor as the external simplicity, which guessed mental pain, a constant "inner monologue", the art of subtext.

In spring of 1896 Moskvin comes to a temporary company, which should play in Tambov. After a successful tour, he received an invitation to Yaroslavl, the troupe ZA Malinovskaya. For the season 1896/97 year Moskvin roles played seventy-seven! Yaroslavl criticism prochat young actor has great future, and noting the "sense of artistic action, and a variety of Grim, and the seriousness of the decision images, along with humor and ease comic.

In May 1897 Moskvin already playing in the solid near Moscow theater Kuskovo. Exactly two months from 9 May to 10 July, cottager Kuskovo and the neighborhoods look "farce", "Proverbs," "jokes", which will certainly participate Moskvina.

Life Kuskovo drew Ivan Mikhailovich proximity to Moscow, the capital′s theaters. In addition, the drama class at the Greater Love Nikitskaya learns Vasilyevna Geltzer. Her father - the famous "typical" ballet dancer. Moskvin Geltzer accepted as a student back in time. My message Lyubochke he signed: "Moskvinchik.

Next season holds the actor in the theater Korsha in Theological Lane, and then accepts an invitation Nemirovich-Danchenko, create a new theater.

October 14, 1898, in the play "Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich" which opened the Art Theater, Moskvin played a major role. Won theatrical Moscow, he would have claimed as their execution of Fyodor Ioannovicha a new type of actor - the actor Art Theater.

By insisting that the six applicants for the role of Theodore was chosen Moskvin, Nemirovich-Danchenko Stanislavsky wrote: "Fedor - Moskvin and none better than him ...

Photo - Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin
«Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin»

He and brain and heart, that it is important ... and nice ... Filarmonichek ask how he played in Ranka "Nora" - it is difficult role, and how all touching! "

After the premiere of "The Moscow Gazette reported:" Mr. Moskvin exactly fulfilled the covenant of the author. He fell in love with Theodore, and took it in his own soul. Therefore because of his mental performance. Mr. Moskvin directly live on stage. "

"Theodore" has become a "breadwinner Theater, according to Stanislavski, this show opened each season. Moskvina beregut as the role of Theodore, though he is involved in almost every premiere. After the "Three Sisters" AI Kuprin wrote: "Moskvin a small role [Rode] artillery ofitserika makes miracle. It is such a nice, cheerful, burr podporuchik is in all the artillery brigade. "

In the twenty-eight years Moskvin got the role of Luke in the play Gorki "at the bottom." The role, he fell in love immediately. "In Luke Moskvina struck sensitive, close observation and the ability of artistic synthesis. It was the impression that the entire pre-written by the artist Luke hundred studies "wandering Russia, with the roadside" strange brotherhood "plow Russian proselki," - noted critic SN Durylin.

Contrary to the instructions of the Gorky that Luke terrible than the worst enemies of mankind, the actor has created his Louka, saw in it the beginning of human kind, saw its uteshitelstvom appeal for the better, still preserved in the hearts of the people that they tried to escape from the bottom of life. Treatment Moskvina has become predominant in the Russian scene.

In 1904 the family Moskvin was born first, named in honor of Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko. In the same year, Ivan Mikhailovich was kontorschika Epihodova role in Chekhov′s play "Cherry Orchard." Critic J. Smolensky praises him in "The Exchange Gazette:" A living person, not an actor. Moskovskie artists know how to play, even when silent, and other characters are action. So played Mr. Moskvin, - always, when he appeared on stage, guess and tell committed soul Epihodova silent tragicomedy of jealousy.

Photo - Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin
«Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin»


In 1906 the Art Theater toured abroad. In the foreign press often referred to as the two names - KS Stanislavsky and IM Moskvina. "We should remember his name, Moskvin, and you can easily forget the names of fifty of our great - wrote about the actor Viennese critic. - He belongs to the golden book of the performing arts. " Berlin, viewers perceive the "Fedora" as a performance director and a brilliant actor, a genius. "I think I saw a piece of history" - admired Berlin critic A. Kerr.

About life in Berlin Nemirovich-Danchenko wrote: "One of our artists, nesshih most heavy goods were in agony of suspense for news from Moscow, and played with a special lift in the evening when I received a telegram from his wife:" You gave birth to a healthy son . The artist was Moskvin. Son, born in Moscow in 1906, named Fedor.

Moskvin was then thirty-small, in the Moscow art theater productions, he played twenty-five roles. It is hard to be called comic tragedian or typical, everyday player, or "neurotic" - none of these definitions is not to replace its multi-talent. Today, it was Chekhov and Gorky Epihodovym Luka tomorrow - king Fedor, Zagoretskim in "Woe from Wit", Osvaldo from the "ghosts" Ibsen, Arnold Kramer of plays Hauptmann. Still, he was closer to the role of Russian repertoire. And even the bit part in the play by Ostrovsky Golutvin "On any sage rather easy" to be played to them so far, with a free-ease that comes in a number of roles with major artists play.

Among the types of Moscow, resulting in a comedy, the most worthless Golutvin - dangle Moscow reporterishko. But reviewers allocate work actor. "amazing and Golutvin Mr. Moskvina, with its shabby gentlemen. The figure was made with a truly brilliant humor, hand painted this virtuoso. Marvel whole: his style to keep, say, its makeup and movements. This little episodic character grows to the size of a large artistic creation ", - wrote critic Lorenzo in Odessa News."

In 1910, Nemirovich-Danchenko put "The Brothers Karamazov." In the small role of creativity Moskvina Staff-Captain SNEGIRYOVA was an event which led again to talk about his tragic talent, and most importantly - his big heart that can overflow a great pity for the man and the great anger, for his warped, broken image of the insult.

Photo - Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin
«Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin»


September 23, 1911 Moskvin appeared in the form of Fedor Protasov in the play "Living dead" Tolstoy. "Fedya Protassov - immersed in the lives of people. Tolstoy himself very clearly shows what should be an actor. Fedya himself said of non-evil, that need not disturb the people live, what to bring in the name of the victim. "remove himself, not to disturb anyone, even feign death, that his wife was easier to live with the man whom she truly loved - and so was cross-effect of this role," - wrote Moskvin. In the life of an actor Fedya Protassov - an essential role, which carried out the actual merging of the individual artist and the author′s will. Moskvin merged with its Fedey, listening to the Roma, the Gulf of vodka shame and longing, experiencing his life and his death like his.

In early December 1914, when a usual reports from the front of World War II, the Art Theater shows performance "Death Pazuhina" Saltykov-Shchedrin. Moskvina hero, the son of a merchant Prokofyev Pazuhin, loss of inheritance half paralytic remains formidable Samodurov-father. In those years, when the elements of the Stanislavsky system, Moskvin throughout their practice proves the accuracy of its principles. His Pazuhin obsessed with his goal, then called "The overriding need", all his desires and actions to identify a single "cross-cutting effect" - to be inherited.

What is more, the less plays Moskvin new role, although it remains the leading core repertoire. Medical check-ups give an opinion: the kidneys are not important, and disturbing intermittent heart rhythm. The leaders kept their PC and the new roles it is proposed.

In life, Moskvin looked human health: broad-shouldered, with strong hands, who loves hiking, fishing and gambling feast with lots of oral histories, memoirs, anecdotes (most of the Art Theater and the Stanislavsky). He loved the church singing. Of the church knew by heart and could in the event of any propet.

In the years 1915-1916 Moskvin - one of the most active participants of charity concerts, performances in the hospital. Moskvin, Hmara, Shevchenko go into the army - to the Caucasian front, on the road give concerts in Tbilisi.

New season 1917/18 year has finally been opened premiere - September is "Village Stepanchikovo.

Photo - Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin
«Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin»

This spectacle of Thomas Opiskine, which plays Moskvin. Dream of Thomas was not wealth but power. The absolute and boundless power to the people.

In February 1919, began Moskvin removed from the film "Polikushka" the story of Tolstoy. His hero, the ill-fated poor guy Policom gets the job lady: take the money. A man loses money, and then hang up. Money found after his death. Filming ended in summer 1919. Moskvin, as the leading role, received a generous royalty - seven potatoes a day.

The film screened in March 1923 in Germany, has caused delight. The opening was perceived silent cry Polikeya - Moskvina, lost money. One German newspaper wrote: "The man shouted in the cinema! .. We will not talk about Moskvin as an actor. This is a great artist. Like everything that comes from Russia, and this movie immediately appealed to the soul of man. This fantastic picture of "Polikushka, perhaps, will be a critical step in the development of our film ..." Polikushka viewed with equal force in Berlin, London, New York, Philadelphia ... In the U.S. the film was included among the ten best films 1924.

Overall, Moskvin shot in seven scenes. Only in the movie "Man was born" is devoted to the twentieth year, all the rest - a classic. "Polikushka", "college registrar" (1925) (filming "station keeper" Pushkin) and four of Chekhov: Ochumelov in "Chameleon", the official Chervyakov in "Death of an official" (both - 1928), dyachok of "Surgery" (1939) and "cracker" (1940) ...

On the night of August 30, 1919 Stanislavsky and Moskvin were arrested on suspicion of belonging to the Cadet conspiracy. Once the hudozhestvenniki "appealed to Dzerzhinsky, both on the same day returned home.

The autumn of next year Moskvin led a group of Moscow art theater artists who gave concerts Red Caucasus Front. Back in Moscow, he begins to rehearse the role gorodnichego in the "Inspector".

After the premiere of "Inspector" theater left in a long tour. Tour of 1922-1924 years in all cities of Europe and the United States opened "Fedor".

Photo - Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin
«Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin»

Moskvin almost every evening out on the scene. And every night - a triumph. January 27, "Fedora" given in New York. "He came to the actor Barrimor that day, for eight months, is playing Hamlet, before the move, which he kissed my hand, I do not know where to go. Asked me to convey that it is against my child should I learn and that he had not seen in the life of this actor "- wrote Moskvin.

The summer of 1923 he spent in Europe, Varentsov near Berlin. The next season also took place in America. Moskvin was a guest of Rachmaninoff, his zarisoval Boris Grigoriev, Igor Grabar, the former in New York, Moskvin complained of bad fishing gear sold here. Geneva wrote: "I am afraid even to dream of Russia and embitter a Okoy and fish ..."

In autumn 1924, the Art Theater has returned to Moscow. Ivan Mikhailovich plays a major role in the play Treneva K. "Pugachevschina" and, in the opinion of the referees, plays a very deep, strong, showing Pugachova in growth, giving it "melancholy fortress Russia."

The play was just one season, four months Moskvin appeared in the comedy "hot heart" by A. Ostrovsky. Role Hlynova actor to play until the end of life. VG Сахновский wrote in a review published immediately after the premiere: "The image of Moskvina - Hlynova truly terrible and cruel. For scenes in the performance of IM Moskvina because humor and powerful embodiment of "folk" elements katila wave of such destructive power that the kingdom, which had the intention to destroy Ostrovskii, split and washed by the talents Moskvina.

When Mikhail Bulgakov gave Arts Theater play "Moliere," the central role was intended Moskvin. In the agonizing work that lasted more than four years, from 1932 to 1936, Moskvin almost did not participate. In those years, the actor seriously ill and for a long time. Yes, and the role of MoliГЁre he does not like.

Unexpected changes in the actor′s personal life. Ten years ago, he wrote his wife from America, that is unlikely to be able to test today, the new great feeling. But passionate love for a young actress Alla Tarasova Moskvina forced to withdraw from the family.

February 24, 1936 Ivan Tsar Fyodor Mikhailovich played in the six hundredth time.

Photo - Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin
«Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin»

Congratulating the actor, Stanislavski noted his ability to play, "giving himself the role." Sam Moskvin said that his style of "playing to the bottom, while all that is within me, at this moment, without pity."

Moskvin himself asked Nemirovich-Danchenko Gornostaeva give him a role in "Love Yarovoy" (1936) K. Treneva. Gornostaev - Moskvin least looked like a queer professor, he was a philosopher, a great scholar, was childish and naive direct accustomed to tell people the truth.

In autumn 1936, Moskvin returning from leave, held at the European spa. At the border, he suddenly found out about assigning him the title of People′s Artist of the USSR. The following year he was elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. He was a deputy to meet with people from different professions and ages, to enter into their lives, to visit factories, schools, institutions, deal with red tape, to seek justice. But help has not always succeeded.

In 1939, Meyerhold was arrested. During a Kremlin reception Moskvin tried to talk with Stalin about the detainees. "Do not tell me about this man," - sharply cut, and Stalin also sharply away from the interlocutor.

The war caught mhatovtsev led by Moskvin on tour in Minsk. Night, June, 24, 1941 the actors were forced to leave the city. Went on the way to score the crowds of refugees. Ivan Mikhailovich talent show organizer, outlining a plan of action, at the route trucks dobyvaya, setting strict discipline, calming the people. Meanwhile, his son Fyodor, pilot, navigator, had made combat flights. He died near Moscow at the forty-first ...

In May 1943, Moskvin was appointed director of Moscow Arts Theater. But even before the official appointment, he actually presided over the theater in terms of evacuation, in Saratov, and Sverdlovsk, assuring the preparation and production of new plays. Moskvina could see almost all his roles. Played when "old" art theater a lot and often. During the war years, the actor has played a succession of three new roles - Gorlova ( "Front" A. Korneychuk) Pribytkova ( "The last victim" by A. Ostrovsky), Rear Admiral Belobrova ( "Navy Officer" by A.

Kroner). Memories of the life of the last century Moskvin useful for the role of Flora Fedulycha Pribytkova. Characteristically, all parties turned to the play it as a consultant in old Moscow - Moskvin could answer any question, and not just respond and help people of another generation to feel the atmosphere of the time. Partner in this play acted, Alla Tarasova, played a role Tuginoy.

However, it soon went from Tarassov Moskvina and married Maj.-Gen Pronina. In the house on the street Moskvina Nemirovich-Danchenko again joined Love Vasilyevna, son-vahtangovets already with his family. Could rehearse at home, although rehearsals are often interrupted cardiac pain, which continued to torment Moskvina.

Belobrov - the last role Moskvina played them in April 1945. It almost bit part - Rear-Admiral is only one picture. But Moskvin worked on it deeply and seriously.

In early February 1946, he enters the hospital. The morning of February 16, Moskvin said entered nurse: "presented today." Day just a family. Night on the radio it was announced the death of People′s Artist of USSR Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin, the next day all the newspapers printed pictures, Obituaries ...

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