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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…
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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…
  4. Photo: Katharine HepburnIn the city of Hartford, in the summer May 12, 1907 into a wealthy family, was born Katherine Hepber. His father, Thomas Norvel Hepburn, was a wonderful doctor and his mother, Katharine Houghton in March, the daughter of a wealthy owner…
  5. Photo: Louis de FunesHis full name - Carlos Luis de Funes de Galarza, the famous French actor, born 31 July 1914 in the aristocratic family of Leonora and jeweler Carlos, who came from a Spanish nobleman. Since childhood, Louis had the mobility and a…
  6. Photo: Brigitte BardotBrigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934 into a wealthy family of a retired military man. The whole family lived Borda, near Paris, in a suburb of Neuilly. Bridget's parents, like real Parisian bourgeoisie, gave his daughter a good education,…
  7. Photo: Liza MinnelliLiza Minnelli was born on March 12, 1946 in Los Angeles, her parents, Vincent Minnelli and Judy Garland worked directors of musicals and musical comedies, so Liza's musical talent developed from childhood. Liza's childhood was quite happy: her parents spoiled and…
  8. Photo: Ingrid BergmanSwedish actress. Filmed in the movies: "Intermezzo," "Casablanca," "For whom the bell tolls", "Gas Light" (Oscar), "Stromboli", "Anastasia" (Oscar ), "Murder in the Orient Express" (Oscar), etc. Among the theatrical roles: Joan of Arc, Gedda Gabler, Anna Christie and othersIngrid Bergman…
  9. Photo: ANTHONY HOPKINSEnglish actor. Acted in films: "The Lion in Winter," "Hamlet," "Elephant Man", "Charing Cross Road, 84", "Silence of the Lambs," "Kingdom of Shadows," "Nixon", " , Amistad, " Remains of the Day, " Hannibal ", etc. Philip Anthony Hopkins was born…
  10. Photo: Burt LancasterAmerican actor. Appeared in films: "From now and for ever", "tattooed rose," "Sweet smell of success", "Elmer Gentri, the Nuremberg process," "Amateur birds from Alkatrasa", "Leopard," " ; Train "," Professionals "," Family Portrait in the interior, " Twentieth Century ","…
  11. Photo: Marlon BrandoAmerican actor. Acted in films: A Streetcar Named Desire, " Viva Zapata! "," Savage, " In Port "(Oscar)," Pursuit, " Candy, " Queimado, " The Godfather "(Oscar)," Last Tango in Paris "," Superman, " Apocalypse Now "," Don Juan de Marco…
  12. Photo: Marcello MastroianniItalian actor. Appeared in the movies: "White Nights", "Sweet Life", "8 1 / 2", "Divorce in Italian", "City of Women," "Ginger and Fred," "Interview" "black eyes", etc. He was awarded the Prize for Creativity, Felix (1988).Marcello Mastroianni was born September 28,…
  13. Photo: Paul NewmanAmerican actor, director, producer. Appeared in films: fruity bird of youth "," Buch Cassidy and Sandens KID "," trickster "," scam "," white "," Verdict, " The smell of money (premium " ; Oscar), "Mr. and Mrs. Bridge" and other director′s…
  14. Photo: Al PacinoThe famous Al Pacino, and the full name of Alfred James Pacino was born on April 25, 1940 in the South Bronx area of ??New York, which is still considered home to the poor. Al Pacino grew up without a father,…
  15. Photo: Dustin HoffmanAmerican actor. Appeared in films: "Graduate," "Midnight Cowboy," "Little big man", "straw dogs", "Lenny", "marathon runner", "Kramer v. Kramer" (Oscar ), "Tutsi", "Rain Man" (Oscar), "American Buffalo," "Sphere," "red herring", etc.Dustin Hoffman was born August 8, 1937 in Los Angeles. His…
  16. Photo: Gary CooperGary Cooper, real name Frank James Cooper, was born on May 7, 1901 in a farmer's family in Montana. All childhood Gary Cooper was at the ranch, where he helped his father with the horses. Subsequently, the ability to get along…
  17. Photo: Charles ChaplinEnglish actor and film director. Starting with the 1910-ies created in the image of the dumb comedies vagabondage Charlie combining set to take: mustaches, bowler hat, walking stick. Appeared in films: "Gold Rush", "Circus," "The Great Dictator", "footlights", "Lights Big City",…
  18. Photo: Alain Delon(b. 1935)French actor. Acted in films: "Rocco and His Brothers", "Eclipse", "Leopard," "Two in the city", "Death of a scoundrel," "Samurai", "indomitable", "surgeon", "Borsalino", "For the skin of the police," "Our History", "New Wave", etc. Alain Delon was born on November…
  19. Photo: Vivien LeeThe English actress. On the scene since 1935 (the theater "Old Vic"). Filmed in the movie "Gone With the Wind," "Waterloo Bridge", "Lady Hamilton", "Tram" Desire, " Ship Fools ", etc. Among the theatrical roles: Cleopatra, Antigone (Antigone) Sabina ( "a…
  20. Photo: Romy SCHNEIDERGerman actress. Filmed in the movies: the trilogy "Sissi", "Christine," "Boccaccio 70", "Process", "Ludwig", "Train", "The main thing - love," "old gun" "Cesar and Rosalie," "Woman in the Window," "Simple Story", "Live coverage of the death, etc.Rosemarie Magdalena Alba-Retta (Schneider) was…
  21. Photo: Anna MagnaniItalian actress. Art Magnani, how deeply the national character of its heroines, and in the manner of its execution, revealed in a film: "Rome - Open City," "Dreams on the roads," "Love," "The Most Beautiful," " tattooed Rose (Oscar), "Mama Roma",…
  22. Photo: Sarah BernhardtFrench actress. Played in the plays of Shakespeare, Rasin, Dumas, Sardou, Hugo, Musset, Rostand, and others were shot in the movies: "Tosca," "Queen Elizabeth", "Lady with the Camellias", etc.Sarah Bernhardt was born on October 22, 1844 in Paris. She was one…

Jean Marais

Photo - Jean Marais
«Jean Marais»

French actor and film. Roles in Theater: Michelle ( "terrible parent"), Nero ( "Britannica"), Lear (King Lear), and others appeared in films: "Eternal return", "Beauty and the Beast," " , Orpheus "," Captain Frakass, " The Count of Monte Cristo, " Iron Mask "," hunchback "," Fantomas ", etc.

Jean Villa Mare was born Dec. 11, 1913 in Cherbourg. His mother was moshennitsey and adventuress. Jean learned about it only 19 years old when she was put on four years. Prior to that, he said that his mother travels. Then it came, the son of swamp gifts. Mare said that between the actor and the swindlers a lot in common: Both are immoral and see in life first and foremost a game. His father, Alfred sherbursky doctor Villa Mare, on the recipes and cards referred to himself simply Mare.

"In 1914, when my father went to war, I was a little less than a year. When he returned, I was five. I remember I was sitting astride a senbernare and saw him at the door, cried out: "This is what remains for the maypole! Drive it, I do not like!" Maypole - because he was the growth of not less than ninety-meter. He slaps me plumb . Soon, my parents left. I go to the mother and brother, and senbernar - his father ... "

Soon they moved to Paris. The dream of becoming an actor was born in Jean in four years, when he saw the American movie "Secrets of New York" with the Pearl White. In his school years at Mare had two passions - cinema and painting. Jean poorly studied. The highest scores were with him only for physical education and French. I had a mother to transfer him to Buzonvil, "to the monks." This Mare has diligently and succeeded.

Before becoming an actor, they try a lot of professions: photographer assistant, postal worker, an artist. But the dream of a scene does not leave him. Three times Jean scram exams in drama classes of the Paris Conservatoire. Finally in 1930 he managed to reach the actors Charles Dyullena school. MaГ®tre preached art simple, modest, of course, but without this terrible natural nature. " The school was very high tuition fees, but those who spoke in the group of statists Dyullena, given preferential treatment. In "Julia Caesar Mare performed immediately five roles: the Roman runner, Halle, a servant, the Roman legionary, and still bore the murder of Caesar.

In 1963, responding to the questionnaire, the magazine "Cinema Art", Jean Marais, wrote: "When I worked at courses Dyullena, one of my teachers was Sokolov, wonderful actor. He was a pupil of Stanislavsky, and a lot of talking about his system. I also introduce myself to this school of great importance for the cinema: it requires to find for itself a strong internal sense of a very precise and restrained acting-out. "

With twenty years in the happiness of tortures Mare studios. Directed by Marcel L′Erbe take it to the assistant, takes in the occasional roles in films "Happiness," "Scandal", "New People" ... When he went to the cinema to see themselves in these episodes, it did not always able to find himself in the frame.

One of Jean Marais came a young girl from a different course, and invited to take part in the play "King Oedipus" by Jean Cocteau.

Photo - Jean Marais
«Jean Marais»

News rehearsal promised himself. The motion was adopted.

When in 1937 the Mare first appeared in exotic lounge Cocteau, he was beautiful, but poorly educated youths. The scene is described by the first meeting of Jean Marais in his book of memoirs. "In the illuminated soft shaded light room, where the whimsical fantasy owner connected toy horse and the magic crystal, sketches by Picasso and a Chinese opium pipe, MaГ®tre in white terry robes and silk scarves around their necks have peer in the face of young dilettante - a listener. Nervous, elongated fingers of a pianist absentmindedly trifle curly hair. Suddenly MaГ®tre arises, suitable to me and makes a staggering phrase: "This is a disaster, I love you!" Fear of the omnipotent director and instantly thought melknuvshie brilliant opportunity forced me to do a little lie, and just hear the answer: "I am too." This lie was a little, because very soon it became a true ... I fell in love with Jean. "

In just eight days Cocteau wrote a play for Jean Marais - "Difficult Parents." Mare feared that he was not able to play the role of the young Michel. The role is indeed difficult - and funny, and dramatic, and wet, and noble. But he worried in vain. After the premiere of a crowded room shouted "Bravo!" Mare crying from happiness. His make-up room рвались theater and film celebrities. "After the triumphal premiere of" parents "is a real joy in my life - wrote Mare. - Every evening, I went to the theater, as a lover. I went from there, as it takes - blazhenstvuya and exhausted themselves to the bottom. Critics unanimously praised I play, my comrades. "

Cocteau found a new apartment, and Jean Marais moved to it. But because of this moving drama out: Mare′s mother a long time to forgive his son so extravagant act.

Cocteau carefully and persistently engaged in the formation of another. Starting with the simplest - a list of twenty names of the classics of world literature, which should read, it will priohotil Mare reading. Cocteau made him take lessons from professional artists, taught the rules of etiquette. "It was born from the beautiful beautiful mother - Cocteau later wrote - and it require a shower, to wear this beautiful dress. All the forces I have invested in it to develop in the best of natural deposits - generosity, courage, generosity of soul. "

"The biggest success in my life I have experienced in 1939 with the" infernal machine "Cocteau - claimed more than a half later, Jean Marais. - we are 35 times. And then I said:" Put the iron curtain, the audience finally realized that the performance is over. " But the iron curtain raised and lowered three times, because the audience is literally clinging to him. "

In 1940, Mare - Driver military, apartment Mondide. He was then sent to the observation point. Later Mare said: "I have not escaped from the heroism, but heroism stubbornly escaped from me." Petenovsky world take him to the position of mufti in the town of Osh. Mare returned to Paris. But "difficult parents" prohibited by the new administration, and Jean decides to put the "Britannica" on the play Rasin.

Marais believed that "this is a play on the formation of character, and it would be a mistake to immediately show Nero as unattractive man." Only a struggle taking place between the respect for the authority of the mother and the love of Yunii intended Britannica, makes it to the final, plays the Beast.

"When I put" Britannica "and" Andromache "- recalled many years later, the actor - I was trying to achieve the most natural in the recitation and eliminate melodiousness Alexandrine.

Photo - Jean Marais
«Jean Marais»

This caused a scandal. The views of the audience and the press were divided. However, I do not think that all this led to a rupture with the traditions of French theater. I just wanted to update them to adapt to our time. "

The play enjoyed an indisputable success. However, among the critics′ voices, that both can not be put Rasin. Others called Mare pioneer, fighter against odryahlevshih canons, welcomed the ban on "pevuchest" and "musicality" in poetry made by the text quoted him shout: "Music in the very last verse!"

At the dress rehearsal "Britannica" Marcel CarnГ© Mare suggested a major role in his film. But this, he became a star after screens picture "Eternal Return" (1943) scenario Cocteau. This tape forever defined the duality of his roles: on the one hand - irresistible lover, on the other - male elitist cinema. The film is put on the old legend Tristane and Isolde, only moved into the modern world. Tristan becomes Patrice and Isolde - Natalie. This romantic picture of unhappy love, and the punishment could not leave indifferent sentimental French.

From the first day of the Paris uprising Mare - the most active participant. In 1944, he recorded in the tank division of General Leclercq. Mare awarded the Military Cross and the Order of the Legion of Honor. With quiet conscience, Jean returned to work in theater and cinema.

During these years he had almost married the actress Mila Parelle. But she was madly jealous. As recollected himself Mare, it was impossible to even go for the cigarettes, that it does not uchinila questioning him.

After a beautiful legend "Eternal return" Cocteau and Marais offered viewers a movie-tale "Beauty and the Beast" (1945). Mask monsters stick to the skin for five hours, no less painful procedure was the removal of Grim, because the mask had to literally rip off from the skin. Spectator success of "Beauty and the Beast" was a dedicated actor award.

In 1947, Mare has played in the movie cloak and dagger - Ryui Blazy "(1947) Biyona and Cocteau. He has performed two roles at once: sophisticated Granda Ryui Blazy, vybivshegosya from the bottom, and voluntarily left the light noble robber, Don Cesar de Bazan.

This masterpiece was the next film Cocteau - Orpheus (1947). Jean Marais played the best role in his life. Effects of the ancient myth Cocteau shifts in reality. The image of Orpheus usually inherent heroes Mare energy and virility are replaced by poetic spirituality, a bold sense of purpose - the power of love addiction - Fatouma. His partners - Maria Kazares, François Perrier and Marie Dea - a constellation of artists, all with astonishing subtlety and precision embodied mysterious predoschuscheniya, strict completeness poetic thought, the idea of a fatal love connection with the death.

In 1948, Cocteau resumed play "Difficult Parents." Mare has played along with Yvonne de Bret. The play was a resounding success. Newspapers wrote: "Here′s the whole truth about the attitude of the mother and son." Cocteau postponed play on the big screen. But one thing theatrical stage, others - film. Here, the mother of Michel, very смахивает to his grandmother. Postarel over the past ten years, and the Mare.

Photo - Jean Marais
«Jean Marais»

Now he has had to represent the youth, "play" it. Criticism that has enacted a movie more than favorably, especially the devoted duo Michel with his mother - the stage of recognition of the first act. Choppy and at the same time thoughtful, thick words unexpressed and listen to myself, Mare in this episode was a worthy partner of the famous actress.

In 1949, on the screens is another picture of Cocteau - "double eagle", which performed the role of Mare Stanislas.

In the French film, new stars - Brigitte Bardot and Jean-Paul Belmondo. The first of these cases reduces the Mare at the dawn of her career, in 1954. In the film "Future Stars", he played a teacher Conservatory and Bardo featured in love with his pupil. "Jean Marais created a beautiful image of the artist, seeking to stifle the pain of his work ..." - wrote the reviewer.

Success is not smb his head, as well as numerous awards and prizes. He believed that it was important to do good. That he Fernandelem in the late 1950′s and created a few years led the company through the actors who have lost their ability to work due to illness or accident.

In the fifties Mare′s head goes in the world of theater. He played in "Mithridates," puts "Pygmalion", draws its scenery, in the same show playing the role of Higgins, creates the image of Caesar in "Caesar and Cleopatra", with Annie Girardot reaping laurels in "Two on the swing" ;. Finally, he wrote the libretto for the ballet "The student fakir" - Music of Jeff Davis.

In 1952, then in the years 1957-1958 at the "Comedy Francaise" has been renewed "Britannica". Mare again played Nero. The brochure "The actor-poet," Micheline Mene wrote: "The Voice of Jean-Mare can be compared to the ding of the water column, low sound of singing in the storm. I chuditsya its malleability music Debussy. I love this voice, soft, sweet, rounded off each word as if pletuschy lace. In the intonations of the voice, despite the courageous tone, there is something a child ... Ability to listen Mare partner - this property is of great artists. The strength of the text Rasin only underlines this in silence, because it is filled with thoughts and echoes of others′ words as the silence in the movie "Orpheus" when you hear whisper subconscious. MarГ© said that loves to play the second act: "I keep listening. I listen to Agrippina. I listen to Burra. I listen to Narcissus. " And Jean Marais gives viewers do not miss the slightest movement of the person listening to Nero ...

Mare was in three films Gitri. He played a charming, carefree, precious Louis XV ( "If I spoke of Versailles, 1954), a faithful Montolona, accompanied the emperor to the last minute of it (" Napoleon ", 1954), the majestic Francis I (" If we talked about Paris, 1955). Jean Marais was also at the Renoir ( "Helen and Men, 1954) and Visconti (" White Nights ", 1957).

Jean childhood did not know what fear is. At the annual gala presenting the Union of Actors Mare showed risky acrobatic stunt - to scramble up on an iron bar at a height of 15 meters and a lit cigarette. Among the audience was directed by Andre Yunebel: "Usually, actors, entirely composed of muscle, no psychological depth.

Photo - Jean Marais
«Jean Marais»

You can not claim from Hercules of Chinechity that he was a gifted performer. But Mare - on, with him, I kept in the hands of the rarest bird. And as I prepared "hunchback", I did not hesitate, Has decided: he would Lagarderom.

In 1959, by "hunchback", Yunebel offers a series of historical kostyumnyh fighters. Four of his first film with Jean Marais in the title role - "hunchback", "Captain," "Miracle of wolves" and "Paris mysteries" included in the annual five films that gave the highest fees.

This Mare has played a role in the "Count of Monte Cristo," "Captain Frakasse," "Iron Mask". His heroes conquer nobility, dedication and courage. Mare is performed stunts - directors specifically crop stage, so that the viewer has seen - the actor is without insurance. Although he had never engaged in sports. When asked how he do it, Jean said, that simply repeats the motion stuntmen who has ever seen.

In 1959 Marais was involved in the film "Testament of Orpheus", where in front of the camera in the role of Orpheus himself appeared Cocteau. More precisely, passed without Grim, in his usual attire among the ruins of their own memories, past the friends and characters, including silent and blinded Oedipus - Mare. It was their last joint work.

Cocteau died on 11 October 1963, Mare spent nearly his death bed sleepless night.

Almost immediately after the death of Jean Cocteau Mare adopted Tzyganenko, he picked up in a Paris cafe. He gave Serge education and welfare.

In 1964, the first film goes on the world villains Fantomase. Mare regime in modern dress and in the person of a journalist Fandora came in with a single omnipotent criminal, fugitive, under the mask (the role Fantomasa served as Mare). The actor is proud to be given new life character novels Suvestra and Alena.

On stage Mare reviews a great number of persons - of the romantic heroes of Cocteau to the Emperor in "Caesar and Cleopatra" and shows a "beloved friend". In 1978, he showed Shakespeare′s Lear. One of the critics exclaimed: "Shakespeare - it vysochennaya mountain, killing the weak and the arrogant, derznuvshih to overcome it. And what? Mare has reached the summit. I do not know now equal to him in the tragedy. I do not know the actor, who would be the same depth of feeling. His Lear - block emotions volcano erupt hot lavu suffering and anger. "

It is theater, according to Marais, gave him a feeling of completeness. "I spent my life in the fun. When the actors are complaining of fatigue and the severity of his profession, I want to laugh. I am never bored role unless Sirano and King Lear. "

But his talents were truly diverse. In addition to theatrical performances, he published a book remarkable for sincerity memoirs "My Life" (1975), a collection of charming children′s tales, continued studies in painting, creating ceramic dishes, and even tried himself as a perfumer.

Mare awaited new plays, new movies, new roles. He was in semiseriynom TV Yunebelya "Joseph Бальзамо" (1975) based on the novel by Alexander Dumas.

In mid-1980′s Mare created monospektakl "Cocteau - Mare" - a journey through the life and work of a friend and teacher, who then found in many cities around the world.

Whole of 1993, along with Michelle Morgan, he played in the theater "Buff-Parisi" in the play on the thirtieth anniversary of the date of death Cocteau - "sacred monsters".

The following year, Mare made famous actress and pop singer mode indifferent handsome "Cocteau.

The second edition of his autobiography was published, almost immediately disappeared from stalls bookstores. He let the memories "incomprehensible Cocteau, their albums of paintings, sculpture and pottery works. Great actor finished kinokareru in films of great directors - Bertolucci ( "elusive beauty") and Lelusha ( "The excluded).

"The happiness of my life - wrote Mare - that I wanted to get rid of the shortcomings that hinder me to be the way I wanted to be ... If you passionately want something ready to do everything, even more than your forces to achieve victory. "

Since the end of January 1997, he participated in the setting of theater "Foli-Berger" "Arlezianka" Alfons Dode. "Play a farmer Baltazar - just luck. As soon as the producer Roger Lure offered me this role, I immediately agreed. I admire his ability to work with actors, at least remember his "Years of twist." And in addition, to finish his career at a small theater stage "Foli-Berger" - that′s great harmony with the ridicule of my life. "

10 October 1997 on all posters are lined Paris premiere "Storm" in the theater of Shakespeare′s "Eldorado" with Jean Marais in the role of Prospero. "I was portrayed by some deity, sat on a cloud, - said in a recent interview with the actor. - And on that day I was on the verge of death. Maid found me lying on the bathroom floor unconscious and with a temperature of forty. Dude, gynecologist by profession (I am the way, love to tell everyone that I have own gynecologist), brought me to the hospital, where I lay one and a half months in intensive care with bilateral inflammation of the lungs. Imagine if I were to try for such a bill in the city. That would be riding akterstva! "

Jean Marais died in November 1998. The last of the sacred monsters of French cinema, a symbol evrodekadansa and orderly character of French films cloak and dagger, lover, father Cocteau and many-hero "Fantomasa, theater and film actor, a person is considered to be" his "and the gathering Saint-Germain-de Pre-and at the Cannes waterfront ...

Even your own funeral, he tried to turn in a submission. At the cathedral parvis Valorisa was a huge portrait depicting a smiling Jean Marais, and his voice recorded on tape, asked the crowd to farewell greetings. He endured his final test - does not fold before his death.

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