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  2. Photo: Dennis BergkampPlayed in clubs Ajax (Holland), Inter (Italy), Arsenal (England). During 1990-2000, spent 79 caps for Holland. Dutchman Bergkamp, ??who was born in Amsterdam, received his name after a famous Scot Denis Law, who played in the English Manchester United. The fact…
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  2. Photo: Dennis BergkampPlayed in clubs Ajax (Holland), Inter (Italy), Arsenal (England). During 1990-2000, spent 79 caps for Holland. Dutchman Bergkamp, ??who was born in Amsterdam, received his name after a famous Scot Denis Law, who played in the English Manchester United. The fact…
  3. Photo: Roberto RivelinoBorn in 1946 Played in the Brazilian club Corinthians and Fluminense, club Gil Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). In the years 1968-1978 had 94 caps for Brazil. Roberto Rivelin was born on 1 January, the day when, as commonly believed, are born the…
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Diego Maradona

Photo - Diego Maradona
«Diego Maradona»

(Born in 1960)

He played in the Argentine clubs, Argentinos Juniors, Boca Juniors, Newell′s Old Boys, "the Spanish club FC Barcelona and Sevilla, the club Napoli (Italy). In the years 1977-1994 had 91 match for the national team of Argentina.

At the turn of two centuries of FIFA poll conducted over the Internet - someone from the football XX century must recognize the best? Most of the votes scored Diego Maradona.

Meanwhile, the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), summarizing the views of coaches and sports journalists around the world, withdrew Maradona in the Top Ten field players XX century, only a fifth line. After Pele, Franz Beckenbauer, Johan Cruyff and Alfredo di Stefano.

However, it is easy to understand why online poll brought just such a result. Members of the World Wide Web, the bulk of people far from old. Maradona game that ended the football career of some ten years ago, they certainly have seen with my own eyes. But the games of great players of past decades, unfortunately, no longer.

But be that as it may, no one will argue - in world football, Maradona left the clearest mark. But much to his fame, well deserved, tainted, alas, the taste of bitterness ...

The fact that Diego Maradona, the son of a simple working-class suburbs of Buenos Aires, is destined to a great football future, it was clear from the very first steps of his sport. In an area where he lived, carried away by dozens of boys in football, but Diego from an early age and excelled all stroke technique, accurate and powerful strike, usually with the left foot. At first the games were, of course, on the outskirts, but soon Maradona was in the youth team of the Los Sebolitas "(small bulbs), which played on this football field. After the arrival of Diego "bulbs" have begun to conquer all in the district. In the end, that team as a whole has taken under his wing soccer club Argentinos Juniors, a youth section.

Diego was not yet 16 when he first appeared on the field for the main team of the club, so far, though, for another replacement. Despite all efforts, then he left the field without a point is scored.

Photo - Diego Maradona
«Diego Maradona»

But three weeks later went out again to replace and this time scored just two goals. The next day, Maradona first saw his name in the newspaper.

Since then he has often appeared on the field and score goals. The talent of the young player′s club Argentinos Juniors "was so obvious that in February 1977, sixteen Diego was playing for the national team of Argentina in a friendly match against Hungary - and again went for the replacement of twenty minutes before the end of the game.

And yet, giving him his due, coach Luis Menotti thought that for serious games Maradona still young. In any case, when the national team preparing for the 1978 FIFA World Cup, was held just in Argentina, at the last minute coach Diego exclude from the application list, together with two more as "unfortunate" candidates. It was a hard blow for Maradona, the more that Argentina for the first time in its history, then won the world title. After all, he might as Pele himself, to become a world champion at seventeen years old!

Nevertheless, a year later, he still has them - in the junior team of Argentina, who brilliantly won the world championship for juniors, held in Japan. Best player of the championship was declared a Diego Maradona. In the same year he was recognized and the best player in South America. In the following, in 1980 he again became the best player of his continent.

Diego was twenty-one, when "Argentinos Juniors for huge money sold his best-winning football club Boca Juniors. In his first season Maradona became a champion of Argentina. When the team went to Spain at the 1982 World Cup, coaches linked with Diego special hopes. Nevertheless, his finest hour has not yet struck - the defeat of the Italian national team and the Brazil defeat Argentina′s team championship title. Sam Diego more memorable by the fact that the match with Brazil, he was ejected from the field to kick an opponent. And in general his unique football talent is increasingly entering into contradiction with its whimsical nature and the desire to shock the football world.

Since 1982, Maradona′s football career has opened a new page - European.

Photo - Diego Maradona
«Diego Maradona»

First, he played in Barcelona, but not met expectations Catalans. At times he showed a brilliant game, but sometimes it happened real failures. In addition, he spoiled relations with reporters, responding to abuse in their criticism, and then with the leadership of the club. Nevertheless, football biography Maradona is inscribed a victory won by them, together with Barcelona - Spanish Cup, won in the 1982-1983 season of the year.

Maradona′s best years were undoubtedly the years spent in Naples. He came here to play in the club Napoli, football Facelift, who nevertheless enjoyed the fierce love of the Neapolitans. This love struck and the Argentine soccer player, and immediately, as soon as July 5, 1984 he stepped on Neapolitan soil. As soon as he stepped off the plane, he was met by crowds of fans and hundreds of journalists. When ten days later, Diego first entered the field in a T-shirt "Napoli" with the number 10, 60 thousand people welcomed him with a hymn, specially composed in his honor.

The first goal scored by them turned feast: Thousands of Neapolitans deep into the night kissing in the streets and drank wine in honor of the great Diego. From Maradona expected football feats, and he is more than justified the hopes of the Neapolitans, citing the club Napoli to the first in its history the championship.

However, this triumphal march of "Napoli" made only in the 1986-1987 season, the first and Maradona with Argentina′s national team traveled to Mexico at the World Cup in 1986.

Now struck finest hour Diego Maradona and the national team. He was the unquestioned leader of the team, and it first began to compare themselves with Pele. Argentines marched steadily forward, overcoming the barrier of the barrier. In the group tournament team defeated Bulgaria - 2:0, the South Korean team - 3:2, and only with the Italian national team played a draw - 1:1. And in a match 1 / 8 finals with a 1:0 victory was won over the age-old rival, the Argentines - Uruguayan national team.

But, pointing to this tournament a brilliant game, Maradona, however, and disgraced the whole world in the quarterfinal match between Argentina and England when he had a famous episode from the "hand of God." In goalmouth British Maradona tried in the high jump to reach the ball, but not picking up his head, pushed the gate Peter Shilton arm raised high.

This point is seen tens of thousands of spectators in the stadium and millions of people worldwide on television.

Photo - Diego Maradona
«Diego Maradona»

To the great astonishment of all, the judge, who was away from the scene, credited a goal. Violent protests by the British, who were joined by many spectators, nor to no avail.

Presumably, Maradona himself, of course, did not expect such a ridiculous goal to be disallowed. But when it happened, triumphantly raised his arms up and ran to his side of the field. Too great was the price of victory in that match ...

Needless to say, this episode is not lost on journalists. But Maradona in numerous interviews declared that his hand moving in the right hand of God. " It is difficult to assume that such an action would have been able to Pele or Eusebio.

However, in the same match against England, Maradona scored another goal. He is at great speed was almost the entire half of the field the British, on the way defeating six rivals, including the goalkeeper, and almost from the front line, under a very acute angle to the gate, sent the ball into the net. Argentines have won the match 2:1 and advanced to the semifinals, where with the score 2:0 win team of Belgium. In this game, Maradona once again masterfully held the ball almost from the center of the field to the gate at the speed bypassing of the Belgian players, and scored his goal.

The final match of the championship, which was opposed by Argentina′s national team national team of Germany, was successful on all counts. On the field, not only shining Maradona and his teammates Batista, Valdano and Burruchaga, but excellent German players Brehme, Matthaus, Voller, Rummenigge. In the first half, the Argentines scored in the second doubled the score. It seemed that the question of world champion decided ...

But the German players have always been famous for good reason fortitude and ability to fight until the last second. First, Rummenigge, and then razed by Feller. Still, the point in the match put the blow Burruchaga, zabivshego West Germany third goal. In a breakthrough it brought Maradona a wonderful pass, when he sent the ball as it slid across the grass past the German defenders.

In Naples Maradona greeted as if he brought a victory against Italy, not Argentina.

Photo - Diego Maradona
«Diego Maradona»

Now he led to victory club Napoli.

In the 1986-1987 season, he scored goals in the Italian championship and amaze football gourmets. In the match against Lazio, for instance, once he sent the ball into the goal directly from a corner mark, and the second hit from forty feet, and curled the ball on the incredible trajectory flown into the corner. In that year, "Napoli" first became the champion of the country, and in addition won the Coppa Italia.

In 1989, the "Napoli" was first achieved success in Europe - was conquered by the UEFA Cup. In the season 1989-1990, the Naples club once again became the champion, but winning this and the Italian Supercup.

But love Neapolitan tiffozi to his idol died away just as quickly as it caught fire. Also in 1990, when Napoli celebrated two wins at once, it was held in Italy next World Cup. Football fate would have it reduced in one of the semi-final teams of Argentina and Italy, where they have not played anywhere, and in Naples. The match turned out to very hard, basic and extra time ended in a draw. Only in a penalty shootout Argentines won, and the captain of Argentina to beat Italy, was none other than Diego Maradona.

On that day, was outraged the whole of Italy, and along with it, and Naples. And then, when the Argentine national team, and together with it, and Maradona, lost the final match of West Germany - 0:1, the whole of Italy, on the contrary, rejoiced.

March 17, 1991 came the sensation - after the next match Napoli Maradona passed drug test, which revealed his body in the presence of cocaine. Decision football authorities have been severe - fifteen months disqualification. He was removed from the games and for the national team of Argentina. From this suspension began sunset outstanding football career, Diego Maradona.

After serving it, he decided to return to Spain, this time in the club Sevilla, but here nothing special itself did not show. For fifteen months Maradona markedly pogruznel, and it was suspected, however, not without reason that in its relations with the drug he had already gone too far.

In 1993, Sevilla has decided to discontinue its services.

Then Maradona returned to Argentina to speak for the club, Newell′s Old Boys. " Here, he played one season, then was expelled for systematic omission of training.

In 1994, broke another sensation associated with the name Maradona - the national team of Argentina, he arrived at the World Cup in the United States. Many then bloated football seemed a caricature of himself, he was ridiculed and journalists and spectators. But Diego again struck the football world by playing as playing in the championship in 1986. In the group tournament team defeated Argentina′s national team of Greece - 4:0, then the Nigerian national team - 2:1. Maradona played in both matches and scored one goal.

But after the match with Nigeria Tested again found in the body Maradona traces of drugs. The next two matches team lost to Argentina and Maradona, suspended for 15 months, looked at his comrades from the podium, hiding his eyes behind dark glasses.

However, after serving another disqualification, Maradona made another heroic attempt to return to football - now in his former club Boca Juniors, and stayed there the whole season.

In recent years the name Maradona still often glimpsed in the newspapers, but not in the sports sections. It happened, for example, to shoot pesky journalists from a pneumatic gun, get into the hospital from an overdose of drugs, to produce a music CD "The Right Hand of God" back into the hospital to test their strength in the field of football radio broadcasts ...

It is known that in recent years (2004) Maradona lived in Cuba, where he invited himself, Fidel Castro.

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