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  2. Photo: Jean-Claude Van DammeNovember 18, 1960 in an intellectual family, was born Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg, it is now known as Jean-Claude Van Damme. An action hero as a child did not show any sporting tendencies, studied piano and classical dance, also good…
  3. Photo: Elvis PresleyElvis Presley, the singer in front next to which the rest of the pop star faded. Thanks to Elvis became popular in the world of rock music, just six years later came "The Beatles", which is also known as rock music…
  1. Lovers
  2. Photo: Jean-Claude Van DammeNovember 18, 1960 in an intellectual family, was born Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg, it is now known as Jean-Claude Van Damme. An action hero as a child did not show any sporting tendencies, studied piano and classical dance, also good…
  3. Photo: Elvis PresleyElvis Presley, the singer in front next to which the rest of the pop star faded. Thanks to Elvis became popular in the world of rock music, just six years later came "The Beatles", which is also known as rock music…
  4. Photo: Jimi HendrixJimi Hendrix, the real name of James Marshall, legendary rock guitarist with virtuoso guitar style of execution. Had a profound influence on the development of rock music and its technique of jazz guitar. Jimi Hendrix is ??probably the first African-American who…
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  6. Photo: Alain DelonAlain Delon, the famous French film actor was born on November 8, 1935 on the outskirts of Paris. Alain parents were simple people: father ran the cinema, and his mother worked in a pharmacy. When parents divorce, when Alain was five,…
  7. Photo: Antonio BanderasAntonio Banderas was born on August 10, 1960 in the small town of Malaga in southern Spain. Antonio grew up in a normal family, like all boys of his generation spent all his time in the street, playing football, swimming in…
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  13. Photo: Victor-Marie HugoFrench romantic writer. The author of the novels "Notre Dame de Paris" (1831), "Les Miserables" (1862), "The Man Who Laughs" (1869). After the coup he emigrated, published a political pamphlet, "Napoleon Small" (1852) and a collection of satirical poems, "Vengeance" (1853).…
  14. Photo: Friedrich von SchillerGerman playwright, poet and historian. Surgeon by training. After the success of the play "The Robbers" (1781), devoted himself entirely to literature, and completed his tragedy "Intrigue and Love" (1783) and "Conspiracy of Fiesco" (1784). In Weimar, wrote a blank verse…
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Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando
«Marlon Brando»

Writer Elia Kazan after the release of the movie

"A Streetcar Named" Desire "with Marlon Brando, said: "Marlon Brando - is really the best actor in the world... and the beauty of nature - it is an agonizing pain that will always haunt him ..."

With the arrival of Marlon Brando appeared in the Hollywood actor with the charisma that captivates the viewer. The press and many critics have raised the first role of Marlon Brando, said of him:

"He can play anything, and each of his new role will be great"

"The young actor will bring glory not only to themselves but to the American movie"

"He has become a symbol for the whole world cinema ... He will love and hate, respect and fear ..."

Marlon Brando tried to fame, he suffered from a lack of money and poverty. Actor Brando's talent demonstrated in the television version of the play "A Streetcar Named" Desire ". Seeing Brando in the Hollywood producers noted actor who attracted the attention of the viewer, despite the wild and unbalanced character.

The nature of Brando, who combined a primal force of the spirit, aroused enthusiasm of youth. Especially after the movie "The Savage" (1953), where his character broke the established way of life. The rebellious nature of young minds hypnotized he created the image.

The nature of Brando, with the advent of glory, much interested in the scandalous press, which described him as "the genius of dark contemplation and independent stubbornness." The media is to blame Brando in that it affects their nasty and rude character at all, even with the woman becomes violently, changing them as gloves.

In these publications Marlon Brando has always reacted sharply, but once in an interview, he admitted that:

"In early childhood, we still have a normal house: father, mother and my two sisters, Frances and Jocelyn.

Marlon Brando - Marlon Brando
«Marlon Brando»

I adored her mother and her beauty, charm and ease with which it is suited to all cases and tranquility, which belonged to the little things . However, this did not last long. mother became increasingly disappearing from the house. neighbors to each other, there was talk that it is easier to meet Mrs. Brando in the bar than at church or on the farm. I stayed in the memory of a scene worthy of a great movie. mother came home drunk, called cats in my bedroom and gave them sedatives. When drunk, they lay around her, she fell asleep with such a blissful expression on his face, as if there was among his best friends.

Many years later, when she was gone from his father, and I left the house, she came to visit me in New York drunk, fell to the floor, and I do not even picked it up. I leaned on it only after some time. "You do not have valerian?" - She asked. Shortly after this meeting in 1954, she died. But she is still waiting for my first success, the role of Stanley Kowalski in "Streetcar" Desire. "And then she told me:" You know, Bath, the best in this performance of his name - "Streetcar" Desire "... Read the" Love Under the Elms "Onila, Bath. Do you know what true love? .."

Once on the prosecution to rough and thoughtless towards women answered

"I like women who have had any visible defects.

Marlon Brando - Marlon Brando
«Marlon Brando»

I was annoyed all these Hollywood beauties, long before I began to act in films. I fell in love only once in Arletty, after looking" Comedians. " What a wonderful movie! I went to Paris, where he met with the French star. My God, Arletty was like polished stone - smooth and radiant. However, about her character could break his teeth. She neglected everything and everyone. I will never forget as a typical provincial parvenu anger she threw an ashtray at her maid of sandalwood and immediately after that took the most seductive pose: mysterious downcast eyes, slender legs, open up to the thighs, the tip of the shadow of a smile in the lips ... "

Role in the film "A Streetcar Named" Desire "for Brando was the end of his career as an actor of a theater stage, he devoted himself entirely to work in movies.

When Marlon Brando lived in New York, I often visited the "Carnegie Hall" and sometimes went into an acting studio to chat with the girls. There, he met Marilyn Monroe, an acquaintance was accidental and not pleasant circumstances.

During the next party Brando talking excitedly, holding a drink in hand, with a friend near the piano, where at this time, Marilyn was playing softly the melody to entertain themselves. From the depths of the hall someone called Brando, and he turned abruptly to the other side of the elbow to the head of Marilyn.

Marlon Brando once was apologizing that it was not on purpose, to Marilyn Monroe, in response, she looked at him and said,

"Did you just say so."
Marilyn warmed up and realizing that she was joking sat down to it with the phrase:
"Let me show you how to play, but you seem to be in this business just a wimp."

Together they sang a few tunes, chatted and parted.

Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe
«Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe»

Then they occasionally phone calls to each other. In one of these one-time, Marlon called Marilyn and said:

"I want to fucking right now come and see you, but if something goes wrong - well, for example, do not you want me to do it - then say so."
Brand came to Marilyn and the dream of every young American of the time realized.

Brando and Marilyn did not interrupt their relationship and meet frequently with each other called and talked for hours. Their last conversation took place a few days before her death. Brando Marilyn called and invited him to dine with her, but he said about his amusement, and proposed to move the meeting for next week. A week later, Marilyn nashil dead.

After Marlon Brando was sorry that he could not see the mood of Marilyn, also did not feel any signs of her desire to commit suicide, so that Brando did not recognize the suicide of Marilyn, saying:

"It's possible, of course, that she died from unintentional overdose of sleeping pills, although I personally tend to think that it is simply killed."

Marlon Brando's prone to courting beautiful women as for Kashf Anna, an actress who starred in the Hindu origin of small roles. In October 1955, during a lunch break in the studio "Paramount" Marlon Brando is not hiding watched Anna, but as soon as their eyes met, he averted his eyes.

Suddenly, Marlon Brando came to the table of Anna, where she sat with an associate producer and A.

Marlon Brando
«Marlon Brando»

G. Means Lilem who presented them to each other. Marlon talks failed, somehow trying to develop a conversation, but the conversation has failed.

Long black hair on the background of a beautiful dark skin attracted Anne Kashf Marlon Brando, and after talking with her, he fell in love and began dating her. Anna did not feel the strength of the relationship, because often after their meetings, Brando suddenly could disappear, but after quarrels could disappear for weeks and suddenly call in the night to apologize. Marlon could be expressed in an ambiguous address Anne, some of his phrases in her address to the notes contain insults.

The appearance in public with Marlon Anne had seriously, many fans were not adequate and even aggressive towards her.

One day, Anna became very ill and was hospitalized, Marlon has changed in his behavior to her, he was very gentle and attentive to her. Once again, having visited her in hospital, Marlon on the threshold of the House, said:

"I must tell you something important. You know my feelings for you. I want to marry you."

A few days later Marlon came once again to bring her to the hospital, he had long regarded the little finger of Anna and suddenly got a wedding ring in platinum with a scattering of pearls.

Engagement of Anna and Marlon did not change their relationship, Brando continued ambiguous phrase, which he made fun of Anna.

Marlon Brando - Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire
«Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named

Marlon Brando is regularly cheated on his wife, but always tried to hide it from her. One day, Brando went on shooting the film "Sayonara" to Japan, but before Christmas, called Anna from the hotel in Honolulu and asked her to come to him.

Anne arriving at the airport waiting for Honolulu two o'clock, when it come to Marlon. This delay was the reason that Brando in a hurry cleaned implications night party. On the road from the airport, they drove the car in silence, Brando could not stand it first:

"You get mad that I waited for two hours? Well, do something, blow up!"

Anna turned to him and gave a strong slap in the face, saying to him: "You do it yourself advised." The rest of the road they drove on in silence.

Despite the strange relationship, the wedding of Anna Kashf and Marlon Brando was held October 11, 1957, the ceremony was modest, but the bride and groom were unusual. The bride was in a blue sari, the groom is in a blue suit with a black cape, a hat on his head in his hand - a cane. One day, many young girls are jealous of Anna, because she became the wife of a "real man".

After the wedding, their relationship has changed little. They began to quarrel less only because they became less see each other.

Anna told reporters one of their quarrels with Marlon.

Marlon Brando and Tarita Teriipaia
«Marlon Brando and Tarita Teriipaia»

After another argument, as always, Marlon left, and the next morning, Anne phoned the assistant Marlon. The assistant was very scared and almost falling down at the creek reported that Marlon drank a bottle of pills and some are now trying to drown in the pool.

Anna podtrebovala aides from trying to keep Marlon to drown himself, and immediately went to the house of Brando. Ran into the yard, Anna saw a drunken Brando and his assistant, Jay Kanter fight at the edge of the pool.

Anna knew that this was a suicide attempt Marlon facade and running up to Kanter and Brando, she separated them and screamed for Marlon:

"All right, I come! Jump Well son of a bitch, I want to see you drown!"

Matrimonial marriage of Anne and Marlon was short and looked like a Hollywood movie melodrama. Anne's father Kashf came to visit them in the course of the conversation is not constrained father said that he was not a Hindu and have never lived in India, and Iranian-born. This fact shocked Marlon Brando, he decided to divorce Anna, c, even in spite of the fact that they already had a son, Christian, who loved Marlon.

Marlon Brando after his divorce from Anna Kashf began one by one amorous adventure, they went a string of random connections to the permanent party.

Marlon Brando was married again in 1962 to Tarita Teriipaia and his passion for the dark-complexioned women are not extinguished, his second wife was Tahitian.

Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra, Vivian Blaine in Guys and Dolls
«Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank
Sinatra, Vivian Blaine in Guys and

They met while working together in the movie "Mutiny on the" Bounty. "After the wedding, Marlon bought a small island in French Polynesia and decided to settle hermits on it with his wife.

Leaving the island of Marlon made a shocking statement:

"I never really did not like to be removed, but there was nothing else that would give a lot of money for such tomfoolery ... I'm sick to death of people who met me and said hello, stop and wait, now I run in the them with something heavy ... "

Marlon Brando's second wife gave birth to a boy and a girl Sheyen Simon. Numerous communications Marlon made his father of six children, whom he formally recognized and cared about each. At sixty-five years, Marlon Brando was once again a father.

Very much a tragedy for Marlon was an event at his villa when he was first born, Christian shot his sister's fiance Sheyen. Marlon was so shocked that the police could not get clear answers from him, he wept much and could not stop.

Youth and maturity of Marlon Brando gradually gave way to the onslaught of old age, his physical condition deteriorated, though, that the spiritual nature of the remains as tough. Stately from athletic, handsome Marlon turned to fat pensioner, his weight greatly exceeded 100 pounds. Thick black hair became very thin and the more his health began to fail.

The desire of Marlon Brando from his childhood to become the richest man came to pass, he ceased to depend on the money.

Marlon Brando - Marlon Brando
«Marlon Brando»

In February 2004, doctors tried to persuade him to go for treatment in hospital as he had aggravated obesity and approaching the last stage of coronary heart disease. Marlon refused hospitalization, with the intention to die in his house on his bed.

State of Marlon Brando in the last months of his life were difficult: the state of health severely deteriorated, he refused food. Marlon feeling that was going to die, began to dictate his will to the recorder, as a result will become a detailed scenario of a few dozen hours of recordings.

In his will, Marlon Brando wanted the funeral ceremony led Jack Nicholson. He named those who would like to see at my funeral, so that they always had Michael Jackson. A separate list of names of those who were not to be invited to his funeral. Marlon willed himself cremated and the ashes to dispel the palms of his island.

July 1, 2004 Marlon Brando, the greatest actor, star of Hollywood actor and the legendary movie "The Godfather," died on the 80-year life is

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  3. Photo: Elvis PresleyElvis Presley, the singer in front next to which the rest of the pop star faded. Thanks to Elvis became popular in the world of rock music, just six years later came "The Beatles", which is also known as rock music…
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