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Aretha Franklin

Photo - Aretha Franklin
«Aretha Franklin»

Delicate and explosive, combining intimacy with amazing strength and incredible range of voices, Aretha Franklin on the right is called the First Lady of Soul. She managed to create a fusion of unpredictable moves gospel, music, on which she grew up - sensual rhythm x26 blues and melodic lines, exactly the best examples of pop.

In the late 60-ies, OA Feofanov wrote: "In his concerts in other countries outside of America, Aretha Franklin has always loved songs include" soul "that she simply calls the old blues. "Tell me you love the blues?" - she is drawn to the huge crowded halls. And when the room exhales: "Oh, yes!" - A smile of triumph on his face appears Aretha Franklin: "Well, I′ll sing the blues!" And in the power and magnificence of her voice, she sings again: "Respectable people sit around table. Sad people wander the streets. And I′m going to follow them, I look at their faces, listen to their words. At night, it does no good, but it′s my life ... "Like all exceptional performers, Aretha Franklin has a mesmeric effect on students, especially blacks, they cover a feeling akin to ritual ecstasy.

In any song she puts invincible, revitalized its earthly passion and fire. From the first song I never liked, "which she sang in his own way, Aretha became famous thanks to the incredible emotional richness of his performance ..."

Aretha Louise Franklin was born March 25, 1942.

Photo - Aretha Franklin
«Aretha Franklin»

Her father, the Reverend SUCCESSION Franklin was the parish priest of the New Baptist Church in Detroit. Parish numbered nearly five thousand believers. But the most remarkable thing that the pastor was considered one of the best gospel singer in America. Mother Aretha Gospel singer, too. She threw a girl of six years. Four years later his mother died.

Aretha along with her sisters Carolyn and Irma often sang in the church choir of his father. At fourteen she recorded her first track. At that time, she often appeared with his father in the clubs of the Gospel. This enabled her to get acquainted with such stars of American folk music, as Clara Ward, Mahalia Jackson, James Cleveland and Sam Cooke.

By 1960, he moved to New York, Aretha began to try himself in secular music. She signed a contract with the well-known firm "Columbia Records". For the very first experiments with Franklin rhythm and blues brought success - in the top ten hits were "Today I Sing the Blues" (1960), "Won′t be Long" (1961) and "Operation Heartbreak" (1961) .

In 1966, Franklin is leaving the "Columbia" in the "Atlantic". In the new company with the help of producer D. Wexler, A. Mardin, arranger and sound engineer T. Daud singer has taken the first serious attempt to change the style of soul.

And the very first entry brings success - the composition "I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)" in 1967 led the hit parade in the category of "rhythm and blues.

Photo - Aretha Franklin
«Aretha Franklin»

In the next two years at Franklin woke up this golden rain. Here only those songs which occupied at the time the first place: "Respect", "Baby I Love You", "Chain of Fools", "Since You′ve Been Gone", "Think".

Castalian S. writes: "The range of musical interests Franklin of the period covered rhythm and blues - songs in this style, arranged under the soul, for her writing Otis Redding, Don Souvey Shannon and Ronnie - and pop-material author Carole King-Gerry Goffin, often a singer sang their own stuff, written in collaboration with her husband - a manager Ted White. Most of the songs recorded by Alabama, accompanied by the orchestra "Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section" or the New York team led by King Curtis. Vocal arrangements are usually engaged in Franklin itself - is often the background vocals by a group of "Sweet Inspiration", which included Carolyn Franklin " .

By 1968, both at home and in Europe, Aretha Franklin, calling it as Lady Soul, - the award as the best performer of the year it was presented by Martin Luther King Jr., a portrait of the singer appeared on the cover of "Time". However, the personal life of Lady Soul left much to be desired: a marriage with White collapsed after he first publicly slapped his wife and then shot her new manager. Franklin was arrested several times for driving drunk and "antisocial behavior", her father was also arrested - for possession of drugs.

By 1967, the asset singer nearly ten million albums, but the flow of hits has not dried up.

Photo - Aretha Franklin
«Aretha Franklin»

The first took place: "Don′t Play That Song" (1970), "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (1971), "Spanish Harlem" (1971), "Rock Steady" (1971), "Day Dreaming" , (1972), "Until You Come Back to Me (That′s What I′m Gonna Do)" (1973).

Franklin became the owner of the largest number millionsellerov among women in the history of recording.

S. Castalian notes:

"One of the latest gospel album the singer was" Amazing Grace ", was recorded" live "in Los Angeles in 1972. Aretha′s father organized a concert, and conducted the choir and he sang piano Rev. James Cleveland. This is the last album which was produced by Wexler. But then Franklin has changed one after another producer: Quincy Jones has worked on the album "Hey Now Hey"; Curtis Mayfield produced "Sparkle"; Lamon Doze sat Mixer for recording "Sweet Passion"; Van McCoy take his plate " La Diva ".

In 1980, Aretha Franklin left the Atlantic, has signed a contract with Arista, and soon gained the reputation of the grand ladies of pop music - despite the bias in the stage, the singer continued to perform and classic blues, as evidenced by its participation in filming the movie "Blues Brothers" (in the movie she sang two songs - "Respect" and "Think"). The first two albums, released on Arista, "produced by Arif Mardin, and each of them went as classic soul songs, and more" close to the people "pop songs.

In 1981, the song "Love All the Hurt Away", recorded with George Benson, rose to sixth place in the hit parade rhythm x26 blues, and the album "Jump to It" confirmed that the singer is capable of big hits: The title track led chartsy United States. "

So, in the 70 years, Franklin has successfully implemented themselves in music, more oriented to the stage. In the 80′s and early 90-ies Franklin took up the processing of classic hits artists completely different styles and succeeded in this.

At that time the singer has successfully performed and recorded with groups, it would seem alien to her orientation, but nevertheless succeeded. As an example, the single "Sisters are Doing It for Themselves", recorded a duet with Annie Lennox from the "Eurythmics".

In the 90 years, Franklin has recorded discs "What You See Is What You Sweat" (1991), "Queen of Soul - The Very Best of" (1994), "The Early Years" (1997).

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