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  2. Photo: Coco ChanelCoco Chanel - she freed a woman from the XX century corsets and created a new silhouette freeing her body. Fashion designer Coco Chanel revolutionized the shape of a woman, she became an innovator and trendsetter, her ideas contrary to the…
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  2. Photo: Coco ChanelCoco Chanel - she freed a woman from the XX century corsets and created a new silhouette freeing her body. Fashion designer Coco Chanel revolutionized the shape of a woman, she became an innovator and trendsetter, her ideas contrary to the…
  3. Photo: Astrid LindgrenAstrid Lindgren (1907-2002) swedish writer. Author of novels for children, "Pippi Longstocking - Long Stocking" (1945-1952), "The Kid and Carlson, who lives on the Roof" (1955-1968), "Rasmus-bum" (1956), "The Brothers Lionheart" (1979), "Ronia, the Robber′s Daughter" (1981), etc. Remember how the…
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Ella Fitzgerald

Photo - Ella Fitzgerald
«Ella Fitzgerald»

American jazz singer and Songwriter.

Newspapers wrote: «She can sing even the phone directory.»

Fans wrote:
The fire of passion in the blood does not go off
Neither day nor night in the darkness ...
You, Ella, is more dangerous for men
Brigitte Bardot and Doris Day ...

Musicians and jazz lovers and does not occur, there is still some Ella. Ella - is the name of "First Lady of Jazz Ella's candidacy for the title of" Best Singer of the world "voted Armstrong, Goodman, Ellington, Peterson. On the question of who submit to this title Frank Sinatra said: "Why do you ask, of course, Ella." Crosby said: "Only it is! It does not matter from whom to choose - men, women or children ..."

And the first cry of a girl who was born in Virginia, told no one else in the world come to marvel. In this poor Negro family was not happy. Escaping from poverty, his stepfather and mother Ella moved to the suburbs of New York, where his mother has found a coveted job in the laundry room, and stepfather odd jobs. But in spite of appalling poverty, Ella grew resilient and good-natured child. Like all the negro girl, her quarters, she was fond of dancing, movies, songs. In the evenings, left alone at home, learn to love songs plates. Ella's favorite singer was Connie Bosvel, where she took over the singing style and some tricks of phrasing. Our heroine danced beautifully, why, when she was asked to take part in an amateur contest, girlfriend were overwhelmingly surprised that this time, Ella decided to sing. I. .. won first prize! Intuition fourteen teen was fateful.

Ella noticed - especially interested in her jazz musician Benny Carter, who made his first attempts to make a "black" baby.

Photo - Ella Fitzgerald
«Ella Fitzgerald»

" Rumors about a talented girl came to the major label producer of "Columbia." Negotiations with the firm due to immaturity singer took to his mother Ella. Seemed to progress daughters will soon bring measurable financial results, and the family climb out of poverty. However, hopes were dashed in an instant. Mother unexpectedly died, and only care Benny Carter saved the girl from the orphanage and deprivation.

After many years, some spiteful critics Ella Fitzgerald sighed: "Of course, her voice is given the divine, but the response surface, shallow ... She lives too easy, never knew hardship and misery."

Ella, of course, in its way was lucky - it pushed to success, have helped. But it's hard to call it the path of the bottom to the top of the poor Negro jazz Olympus completely cloudless. In 1935, Benny recommended Ella in the popular at the time Chick Webb Orchestra. Now this excellent musician remembered (and quite unfairly) only in connection with the name of his famous soloist. But then the chick and did not want to hear about the protege Benny: "I do not need a teenager." Ella recalled later: "But Benny has found a way out. He secretly hid me in the dressing Chica and the lavatory when he came, elegant, smart and released me. And just to force him to listen. I sang three jazz songs, heard on the radio. Actually, those were the things that I just knew it seriously. Chik was gloomy. I was not convinced. Then they all said: "Oh?" Okay, take it to tomorrow's performance at Yale. "The girls from his choir, worried about me in the corridor , to the delight ran up a purse to buy the first in my life, dress for performances. at Yale like my song, and Chick said that we would act with him in Harlem ballroom of the Savoy "..."

When the singer appeared on the jazz horizon, there prevailed a swing with its clear melodic line.

Photo - Ella Fitzgerald
«Ella Fitzgerald»

When it was replaced by a more "cheeky" bebop, it was Ella introduced new forms of improvisational jazz vocals. Itself it is yet another tool in the orchestra and said: "When I sing, I mentally put myself in a place tenor saxophone."

On the stage, and in life, Ella cared little about her appearance, and even from the little girl from a family laundress could appear a taste for finery and ornaments. One of the musicians of the orchestra recalled: "Each of us did not miss a case of if you tease a young Ella about her ridiculous outfits, the hairstyles. But she, workaholic, was always in a good mood. It was impossible to deduce from themselves ..." Gentle disposition, optimism created a contact Elle fame, charming in the way people interact. At Chick Webb and his wife did not have his children. And so they gradually become attached to Ella that have come to believe her daughter, even though the girl over the age old enough to Chiku sisters - Webb was a little over thirty.

Chick is not only financially took care of Ella, but also raised her and helped to grow, to become a person. Once a musician has brought a soloist gentle romance. Razuchivaya him, Ella suddenly burst into tears. Asked to rewrite the words "at the singer." No one else could understand, and only wise Chick instantly realized: she was embarrassed to sing the high feelings, she had to "ripen" to worship and admiration.

In 1935 he published (in our press is sometimes given another date - 1937) her first record "Love and Kisses," which earned the singer a fee of $ 25, but three years later, "Yellow Box", an old folk song, arranged in jazz style, got copies, a record for that time - one million copies.

"Her voice is amazing the breadth of the range.

Photo - Ella Fitzgerald
«Ella Fitzgerald»

The style of singing very special. She makes a good song in the immortal and the ugly - in the good" - wrote about the young singer criticism.

Now her excitedly invited to work in big bands, offering high pay, but she remained loyal to the team, "father" - so she called Chica. And then, when it seemed that life has found stability and ahead of expected steady rise, it's sorrow: In June 1939, after lying a week in hospital, died Chick. By a tragic irony it is due to friendship and cooperation with Webb appeared one of the most famous of her songs - "A-Tisket, A-Tasket" - an improvisation on the theme of Children's Counting, the singer has composed her own to cheer the patient Chica.

Soon after the unanimous decision of the orchestra musicians Ella Fitzgerald led the team. Until 1942 she was the only woman who led a jazz band, who during the war were the soldiers. With his orchestra, she recorded, in particular, one of the best interpretations of songs by Gershwin D. "The lady, please." In 1946 he began a collaboration with Norman Grantsem - the famous American producer. At his insistence, artist recorded the old songs, which brought her fame and popularity. Later, he said: "I believe that the execution of Ella" Dancing at the Savoy "by B. Goodman - is the most incredible, most brilliant example of vocal jazz ever released on the plates."

First love came to Ella quite late - in twenty-nine years - but she was delightful, passionate, all-consuming. Unexpected acquaintance with bassist Ray Brown turned in a serious sense. "Your arms wide open to greet me, and I walk into your arms - she sang in the ballad" Tenderly. "- You take my lips, my heart.

Photo - Ella Fitzgerald
«Ella Fitzgerald»

And all this is so tender ..."

Love to encourage creativity singer Ella raised her talent to an unattainable height. In 1948 she recorded the famous song "How high the moon", which refers to the improvisational singing "scat", in which up to now it has no equal. And in the same happy 1948 the wedding of Fitzgerald and Brown.

Surprisingly, the fate of loved Ella spoil surprises, good appointments, attachments, but somehow he always made the joy of a brief, fleeting. Here and family happiness lasted only three years. When Ray Jr. was three years old, a senior left Ella. "Lord all manage, - Fitzgerald sang in one song - and the important thing is not how you live and how ..." For the singer the whole meaning of life is now focused on the job. Ella's discography is extensive, she worked in this field with such giants as Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra. She had a lot of live recordings from the live audience, which is particularly acute emotional lift that occurred at the singer during a meeting with the public. Her amazing voice has been available to all - from impeccably precise execution of Negro ballads to the incredibly complex vocal improvisations.

In 1950 none of the concerts at the White House did not pass without the participation of the singer. Grand Duke Ellington wrote in honor of her suite "Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald." Here is how he described the concept and work on this piece: "... I was flipping through a family album of photographs at home of Ella. Lord, how many people passed in front of me - nice, strong, kind, beautiful ... And they were all her friends. They loyalty were queens and the first part of the suite I have called "Your Majesty." Then I read her diary entries.

Photo - Ella Fitzgerald
«Ella Fitzgerald»

And could not find one bad word or gossip about anyone. Only a warm and kind words addressed to friends and relatives. And because the second part I called all my heart "... She's greatest philanthropist. It gives the needy not only money, but the whole itself. My soul, voice and heart ... Her art makes me repeat the words of Maestro Toscanini:" Either you're a good musician, or are you - nothing, "... Final suites I called simply" total jazz ".

During his life, Ella has recorded over 250 albums and sold over a hundred million records. In 1960, during the "orgy of mindless rock", she released a CD with songs by the Beatles. And here manifested her amazing talent, the ability to turn an ordinary song into a masterpiece of popular jazz, and songs uncommon to find new nuances and shades, as happened, for example, with the song Lennon - McCartney "Hey Jude".

Despite worldwide fame, Ella whole life was a shy and lonely, she did not support the relationship even with those musicians with whom to succeed, met with them only on recordings and concerts. "The rehearsal was delicate - recalled guitarist B. Kessel. - Anyone miss the orchestra was ready to take on:" Excuse me, friends. Let's repeat. It's my fault. "

It was transformed only on stage, feeling totally relaxed and free. She did not like giving interviews, but after the concert until the room burst with applause, tried to quietly disappear.

The last twenty years of his life Ella lived in continuous pain and the struggle for life. In 1971, she was almost blind, and the rest of his life saw nearly one eye. In 1985, was interrupted by a concert tour due to problems with the lungs.

Then cardiac crisis, exacerbation of diabetes and as a consequence - amputation of both legs below the knee.

Solitary singer lived in Beverly Hills with his son and nephew. Interacted only with women, favorite topics of conversation was food and music. No contact with her fans and admirers. Apparently, she did not want to leave a memory of himself off the stage.

Ella gave a half-century love with the art, will largely determine the direction of jazz vocals. She was twelve times awarded the most prestigious American Grammy, twenty-two times awarded prizes readers of the magazine "Down Beat". However, is it really so important, these figures are for people who believe, as a great writer Julio Cortazar, that jazz - the only universal music of the century, bring people together more and better than Esperanto, UNESCO, or the airline ... the music that unites and brings each to another with all these boys with disks under his arm, which gave them names and tunes, a special world, allowing recognize each other, to feel community and not as lonely as before, in the face of superiors - in the office, family - your family and infinitely bitter love ... "

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  3. Photo: Astrid LindgrenAstrid Lindgren (1907-2002) swedish writer. Author of novels for children, "Pippi Longstocking - Long Stocking" (1945-1952), "The Kid and Carlson, who lives on the Roof" (1955-1968), "Rasmus-bum" (1956), "The Brothers Lionheart" (1979), "Ronia, the Robber′s Daughter" (1981), etc. Remember how the…
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