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Fransuaza Sagan

Photo - Fransuaza Sagan
«Fransuaza Sagan»


French writer. Author of novels: "Hello, sadness" (1954), "Do you like Brahms?" (1959), "A little sun in cold water" (1969), "Lost Profile" (1974), "The Painted Lady" (1981), "Tired of War" (1985) - about love, loneliness, general dissatisfaction with life.

Almost every third book in today's France, written by a woman. Creative writing - career, in which women, along with the love life has long gained a solid place, but never flashed on the covers of a wide variety of publications as the names of the fair sex, but in the end of XX century. Detectives, romance novels, biographies ... Explain this phenomenon will be critics and philosophers. Perhaps men just released the weaker sex periphery of human culture, capturing a more modern means of communication than literature. Perhaps the growing women's intellect. Perhaps all the acts together. One thing is clear, today every bibliophile will name a dozen writers whose books are of interest. And there's no doubt that this list will name Francoise Sagan. And not because she is the most important contemporary novelist, but because it is on its share dropped the most durable and long-term success. Fertility and the availability of books like Sagan represent a general trend of today's women's literature - all for the average reader, this is no male zaum called innovation. Simple stories that are understandable to man in the street ... Not without reason, Françoise, despite its age, says he loves the game, the night and when the relationship between people simply fold.

She was born on June 21. In one day with his favorite Sartre, only thirty years later.

Photo - Fransuaza Sagan
«Fransuaza Sagan»

Never Francoise never misses an opportunity to show others thread, which connects it with a great writer, and it is quite possible that astrologers will find a non-random coincidence of these two events. For Sagan, Jean-Paul became a "master of doom," a teacher, ringleader, vydernuvshim their manifestos a handsome young Catholic from the traditional bourgeois environment. After reading Sartre in 14 years, Francoise suddenly lost faith in God and, oddly enough, in all sorts of miracles, which, however, never prevented her, purely for a woman, refer to the clairvoyant, especially if she falls.

Like Sartre, Françoise was raised in a wealthy family, received an excellent education book, as he, one day, rose up against the boring monotonous existence. After school, our heroine, having a mad passion for literature, could think of nothing better than to enter the Faculty of the famous Sorbonne - the University of Paris. However, intoxicated with freedom and anticipation of new thrills, she spent most of his time not in the classroom and reading rooms, and cozy little Parisian cafe. La Boheme sucking it whole. Afternoon and evening Francoise given up hearing from writers, artists, actors, in love, argued himself hoarse, drunk, and at night writing his first novel. The failure of the exam in English forced her to leave the Sorbonne, and now the only literary success might save her from shame and scorn of parents.

Manuscript of his first work, "Hello, sadness," she brought to the publishing house, named after his boss - "Zhyuyyar. Today's arguments Sagan no-no, and yes there are old man's notes - say, a high chair publishers flooded the ignorant and foolish, that's why good books is getting smaller and smaller.

Photo - Fransuaza Sagan
«Fransuaza Sagan»

She also believes Francoise, was lucky - she came to the publisher, which was available for time and money and talent. Artful Zhyuyyar time felt that this slender, sharp-nosed little girl can make good money. He organized simultaneously with the release of the novel boom, attracting the attention of readers to an unusual fact: the novelist had not yet turned 19 years old and she already thinks is not a children's theme. Vein of an experienced showman prompted the publisher, the story of seventeen-Cecile, who has a lover, not burning with passion, will cause everyman outrage. Then, in 1954, did not know the works of literature in which a young person of such would be of such a cynical - poor innocent "sheep", those caught in the clutches of the lustful "animal" is generally accepted to be sorry. Zhyuyyar rubbed his hands together in anticipation of the scandal, which promised to shed the money rain on his publisher.

However, even in my wildest dreams Zhyuyyar could not foresee that huge success, which hit the young debutante. The book became a bestseller, and the year sold a million copies in many European languages. Sagan received 5 million francs, and overnight became the richest woman of the country. Each veteran critic felt obliged to write about new talent, most giants agree on the fact that Sagan - no not the talent, but only hussy, breaking into literature by accident. Well-wishers had predicted that Francoise will not write any books, and published work, to put it mildly, far from perfect. But circulation grew, and multiplied both the number of articles and studies about the debut of Sagan appeared even the term "generation Francoise Sagan." Crowds of French and foreign journalists persecuted writer.

Photo - Fransuaza Sagan
«Fransuaza Sagan»

From it have literary "superstars" such as those that shine in the film. This first occurred in a region which since ancient times was considered not quite public.

I must say that the brainchild of Françoise reflect the character of its parent. Sagan, his indomitable temper, his desire to keep a low profile in society, its scandalous behavior totally went for a "Diva", constantly flitting in magazine chronicles. It suffices to note that Sagan's favorite female image from my childhood was Sarah Bernhardt. All my life Francoise had a weakness for this extravagant French actress. She even bought a house in Paris, formerly belonged to Bernard, wrote a novel in which the imaginary exchange of letters with his idol. "Sarah Bernhardt one of the few famous women who cheerfully lived her life and did not complete it in poverty, in a sort of shelter for the orphaned."

At age 19, becoming rich overnight, Francoise came to his father and asked him what to do with five million francs, received for the first book. Anyone knowing the nature of her daughter, said: "Immediately them on line, because the money for you - a dangerous thing." Perhaps it was the only parent council, which our heroine was followed with ease. His life Francoise dispersed as expensive fast cars. Momentary thrill of sacrificing their own health, peace, family, public opinion. "When I think about my past, you feel dizzy ..." - Said today Sagan.

She was on her deathbed five or six times. The first time she had to die in 1922 at the height fallen on her fame. At a crazy speed her Mercedes convertible overturned. Doctors themselves could not understand what a miracle they managed to bring back to life Françoise, who had broken almost every bone.

Photo - Fransuaza Sagan
«Fransuaza Sagan»

But even this disaster did not dampen hot nature Sagan. Brought back to life, the writer did not prudent - have again begun dangerous accidents, risky party at the casino, night in drunken brawl. She continued to drive it, if it is an unbeliever, is constantly accompanied by a guardian angel. He helped her get out and when it was put on the operation have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and when after three weeks of pleurisy she fell into a coma. "I stared death in the eye, which appeared before me in the form of a black hole. After this, it lost all interest for me ... I can assure you that there, on the other side of life, absolutely nothing." And the glory of God! "I was would be uncomfortable if my soul is dispensable alone soared in some space. "

The first time Francoise married in 1957, for a large publishing leader Guy Schoeller, who is 20 years older than it was. But the dimensions of family life was not for her violent temper. She herself says that one day after several months of marriage, came home and found her husband peacefully on the couch reading a newspaper. This picture is so much impressed the young woman of his dullness and commonplace, she packed his bags and gone forever without scenes and tantrums. It is fair to add - her act is not particularly upset abandoned her husband. Personal life from the memorable day in the franchise did not work. Despite the whirlwind romance, she remained alone. However, from the second marriage of Sagan in 1962, a son, whom the writer loves and believes the closest person.

This personal experience and lots of "little tragedies" were played in front of her in the bohemian-elitist environment of Paris, determined the nature of the works that followed the sensational story of Cecile.

Photo - Fransuaza Sagan
«Fransuaza Sagan»

Sagan always wrote only about the rich, those who are "on top" who do not need to "bother" the calculations of income and expenditure. Heroes of her new books suffer defeats in love, betrayal in friendship, incomprehensible anguish of the rapidly departing youth. One critic wrote about Sagan that her books are secular cocktail of cynicism, selfishness, lyricism with a great deal "pofigizma. But the writer still trendsetter okay tailored reading material that is not ashamed to discuss in polite company. Its theme - the problems of human relations - will always be interesting and housewife and businessman, and musician.

Sagan herself is aware of disproportion of his fame and talent. She argues that the desire to retain his place in history - a sign of masculinity, and her as a woman, a posthumous recognition is not worried. And yet, in her remarks, in search of new forms and genres of literature emerges barely concealed desire to finally beat themselves. And others, critics, and it seems - even a little bit, still jerk - and a brilliant book will be on the table in the reader.

In 1991 he published a short novel by Françoise David and Betshtabe "(100 pages). It is based on episodes of the legend of King David. Biblical story was intended to give new Saganowski universal history, staking a place among the gods of human culture. The novel opens a foreword by well-known Israeli politician Shimon Peres and left in a special edition for bibliophiles, collectors: luxury, rare illustrations, lavish decorations, circulation - only 599 copies and all are numbered, and some personally signed by the author. Each is worth ten thousand francs.

Photo - Fransuaza Sagan
«Fransuaza Sagan»

Book shows Francoise Sagan was otrezhissirovano to the laws of the market, but a significant event in the literary life of the novel did not. Masterpiece has remained in the future.

"My favorite writer Proust (by the way, the real name of our heroine Francoise Kuarez and alias Sagan was taken in honor of her idol, the heroine of the novel" In Search of Lost Time ") has ceased to lead a normal life because of asthma, and just wrote. I do not have asthma it's great prevents me ... " Well? If it's priorities, the literature for a long time not to press our heroine passion for the thrill. The latest scandal associated with the name Sagan, erupted in 1995. Writer was sentenced to heavy fine and imprisonment for his cocaine use. True, respecting its age and merit, she was serving a conditional sentence, but the outrage Francoise Sagan was no limit. "If there are clubs in Japan ... where I was greeted with flowers and an orchestra, then in France treat me as a little criminal. I've never denied having taken drugs. But I'm an adult and want to have the right to destroy myself if I do that want to. "

However, the franchise's talent is special. He is - in its organic relation to the life and literature. She always does what he wants, it is truly a free man - free from the strain from overwork, from the dictates of: whether the dictates of society or the dictates of your favorite things. "I write instinctively, the way I live or breathe." That's probably why her book to many people mired in liabilities, debts, hectic, you need a breath of fresh air. Probably why Sagan many friends.

Youthful enthusiasm for Sartre in the franchise has grown into a warm feeling to the idol of her youth in understanding its complex career.

In 1980, Sagan published an open letter to Sartre, in which named him the most honest and intelligent writer of his generation. In addition to general literary interests of these two famous French people share common pranks. Once Francoise with a laugh told reporters that faced Jean-Paul face to face ... in a kind of "home visits". Everyone went there with his companion. They often dined together in restaurants. And since the end of the life of a writer is almost blind, Françoise allowed to cut to the meat on his plate.

Multi-year intimate friendship links Sagan and former French President Francois Mitterrand. The writer was proud that during the years of their communication, they never talked about politics.

Sagan once admitted that her grandmother by the father was Russian, and therefore their propensity to play and adventure, she explains, "Russianness. Possible, and a passionate love of domestic reader to Françoise explains this almost forgotten the fact of kinship. Anyway, on the vast Russian expanse Sagan - the name popular.

P.S. Francoise Sagan passed away Sept. 24, 2004.

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