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Sarah Bernhardt

Photo - Sarah Bernhardt
«Sarah Bernhardt»

Sarah Bernhardt, the famous French actress, who was the founder of the "Theatre Sarah Bernhardt", who was in Paris, and its leader from 1898 to 1922. Repertoire consisted of tragedy and melodrama, in which she played and directed.

In the biography of Sarah Bernhardt always present scandal because of its erratic and capricious nature. Sarah was an actress on the stage and in life, her ambition and inborn habit achieve perfection in all accompanied her throughout life.

Her personal life was shrouded in numerous rumors, Sarah Bernhardt one of the first public creative people who created his "star name" on the scandals.

Sarah was born as the illegitimate daughter of an aristocrat, in 1844, the Dutch Jewish woman who was a kept elite. She called his father an engineer Edward Bernard, so there is no evidence.

His wayward character Sarah started showing since childhood, her tantrums allowed to bring it to the attention of adults, who were not before.

Mother, supposedly, according to Sarah, under the influence of his father, gave her to live in a convent boarding Grand Shang.

Photo - Sarah Bernhardt
«Sarah Bernhardt»

These parents wanted to re-violent and aggressive daughter. Board differed humane methods of education of their wards. Matron Sophia adored Sarah, but unbridled anger and emotion girl, she never overcame.

One day, the soldiers threw his cap over the wall the monastery, and Sarah grabbed his cap on the oversight of stairs climbed on the fence and began to tease the soldier. All this time she swore Brann to a soldier after careless movement Sarah knocked the ladder from the fence. To come down off the fence she had to call for help of nuns who were furious arranged to view Sarah soldier. This controversial incident was the last straw of patience abbess that the young girl was returned to home education.

The mother, being a kept the Count de Judith Monroe, who was the brother of Napoleon III, with the help of Sarah identified the conservatory.

Photo - Sarah Bernhardt
«Sarah Bernhardt»

A senior friend of Count ensure successful delivery of Sarah for training.

Conservatory teachers noticed a young girl with a beautiful voice, and a sense of having a plastic dance. Sarah began attracting starring roles in plays. Study at the Conservatory for Sarah was successful and interesting, she received two awards for the comic and tragic. Theatre director "Comedie Francaise", the most prestigious theater at the time, asked her for a single role in the play.

Sarah came to the director to sign a contract with the theater, with its five sister. The younger sister has no less violent character than Sarah. In the principal's office first girl fidgeted in his chair, and then began to jump around the chair with the director, having completed all the action spreading papers on the table.

Monsieur director tried to make a point the young lady that this behavior is not worthy, but she immediately shot back a caustic remark Director phrase:

"And as for you, sir, if you will stick with me, I tell everyone that you are the master give empty promises.'s My aunt says!"

In spite of this Sarah was cast in the theater "Comedie Francaise", but did not stay long there because of the scandal.

Photo - Sarah Bernhardt
«Sarah Bernhardt»

According to most of Sarah Bernhardt: the anniversary of Moliere, which is a favorite playwright theater "Comedie Francaise", she came with her sister. During the ceremony, my sister came to dress prima theater Natalie. Seeing this, the woman abruptly pushed a girl who could not help fell and smashed his face. Sarah saw that the face of her sister in the blood with a cry of "evil thing!" started beating accept theater. A fight between Sarah and Natalie was a clear advantage the young Sarah.

All Parisian society discussed the scandal that has not stopped Sarah in the next few days to settle in the theater troupe "Gymnase." Working in the theater for Sarah was a difficult period of life, the constant rehearsals, memorizing two or three pieces at the same time and keep the mediocre roles.

Sarah's creative nature demanded tragic roles, which did not allow her to play.

Photo - Sarah Bernhardt
«Sarah Bernhardt»

Feeling is not caused by an unexpected demand for action from her, she secretly left Paris to Spain. Theatre director "Gymnase" the next day informed the police about the disappearance of the actress and the following week the whole of France was looking for Sarah Bernhardt.

A week later, Sarah came back to Paris, and parted with the theater and was invited by the owner of the theater "Odeon". Theater "Odeon" led to fame actress Sarah where on its stage audience got excited about playing Sarah Bernhardt. Many fans, especially young people, love the actress Sarah Bernhardt for her courage and her uninhibited new ideals for France. Effects, and hot temper Sarah Bernhardt engendered romantic direction representations in the repertory "Odeon".

Sarah Bernhardt remained off stage actress, she has made of himself to the cult of the French society.

Photo - Sarah Bernhardt
«Sarah Bernhardt»

After another premiere, starring Sarah shine, a great artist Victor Hugo left the auditorium to the stage and give ye knee before Sarah kissed her hand.

High society famous French demonstrated their loyalty to Sarah Bernhardt, because she had the gift impacts on both men and women. There is evidence that Sarah Bernhardt often talked to the Prince of Wales, the future King of England, Edward VII, and a nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. Many European monarchs gifts to Sarah Bernhardt and expensive gifts to their attention, they were Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph and King Umberto of Italy. Sarah enjoyed the King of Denmark yacht Christina IX.

The desire to stand out from the crowd is constantly moving Sarah Bernhardt for the next scandal.

Photo - Sarah Bernhardt
«Sarah Bernhardt»

For more popularity Sara became involved in charity work through their sponsors, which made its name in respect of the poor.

War of 1870 brought a lot of wounded, which had no place in hospitals. Sarah put pressure on officials and the theater "Odeon" opened a hospital for military soldiers. Young soldiers are constantly surrounded by Sara, who was their ideal of beauty, she is happy to communicate and flirt with them. Young soldier Ferdinand Foch was one of them, when it was the First World War, in 1915 Sarah often accompanied by Marshal Ferdinand Foch.

With the arrival of Sarah popular theater "Comedie Francaise" seduces her huge fee, she agrees to the offer and leaves the theater "Odeon". Exorbitant fees for performances allowed Sarah Bernhardt to save a large sum of money to buy a 1893 first theater "Renaissance", and then in 1898 to buy the building at Chatelet, where Sarah opened the theater, calling it by its name.

Photo - Sarah Bernhardt
«Sarah Bernhardt»

"Theatre Sarah Bernhardt" was her own child, which is fully captured her attention.

Sarah Bernhardt continued to play on the stage of his long life. She despised the view that it was time to call it a day to rest. Sarah in her youth with fragile figure, but with age it fairly put on weight and her health is seriously weakened. Even when Sarah Bernhardt are over 65 years old, and the doctors had to amputate her leg, she continued to act on stage with a prosthesis, until his death in 1923.

Irrepressible will and courage of Sarah Bernhardt and thanks to its energy, it became a great actress in the history of the french culture.

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