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Photo - Wanga


Bulgarian prophetess.

Every age creates its prophets, its prophet. Perhaps the most famous of them - Nostradamus. In the XX century, with the glory of the famous astrologer can only to try the famous Bulgarian farmer Wang. Hard to say whether her name pereshagnet through time, but to date there is no predictor of future, the authority which would have been as high as the authority of the old town of Petrich, that at the border of Bulgaria and Greece.

В  Life Vanga, officially announced its close relatives, like lives of saints, since it is inconceivable that the death may make the tests that have endured a poor Bulgarian clairvoyant. Vanga′s mother died when the girl had not yet reached a reasonable age, and his father - Pande Surchev - was poor as a church mouse, worked like a slave, and different crystal integrity as a genuine folk hero. The girl grew up a long time in the care of neighbors. She herself thought out games, loved to play in the "treatment" - to prescribe different herbs comrades wrote interesting stories, and only one game cause her father unpleasant feelings - sometimes, Wang put on the street or in the house of any object, and then close your eyes and starts its search at the touch of the blind. And no bans could not stop this bad entertainment.

В  Widows father finally married, took home a good hostess and caring stepmother to his daughter. In 1923 the family moved to the rich brother Pande not to mykat grief. His father cared for the cattle, while duty Vanga was brought from the pens wineskins with milk. Then one terrible storm arose. None of the witnesses did not understand what had happened: the sky darkened, the hurricane blew uproot trees. Clods, leaves, branches wrapped in the funnel. Vortex Vangu lifted and carried her for two kilometers from their native village. When the girl found she obezumela from fear, but all had terrible terrible mulligrubs zaporoshennyh dust in the eyes.

Photo - Wanga

House tried all means available - this herb, compress, lotion, ointment. But his eyes just Vanga nalilis blood, and then white.

В  Desperate father, despite the poverty, the doctors found that the girl was suffering from unnecessary operations. There was, however, the moment when Wang saw the vague outlines of objects, but in living conditions, hunger, deprivation led her to complete blindness. In 1925, Vangu defined in the House of the Blind, where she stayed for three years. The regime was strict at the shelter, but plenty of food, neatly dressed and trained to knit, cook, cook. A further study alphabet for the blind and a lot of music. Perhaps it was the most peaceful and happiest years of her life. It seemed that fate smilostivilas over Vanga and gave her love. Parents of blind men, secured the people, not opposed the wedding, and she wrote a letter to his father requesting the blessing.

В  The answer is not pleased the girl. Died stepmother Wang, rodiv third child, and distraught with grief father daughter begged to go home to help care for siblings. With the dream of personal happiness had to give up in the village were waiting for her ragged, exhausted, frightened children, who for many years, it has replaced the mother. Next ten years were to Vanga "walking on mukam. She earned than to - elm, Sheila, pryala, despite his blindness, but the money still not enough to feed a large family. In the New Year′s Eve in communal government released the poor little benefit. Wang, together with Любкой - younger sister - one week before the expected date of the handout. Officials scurry in the council, look with pity on requesting. Любка Obuchi was even in the wooden shoes, while Wang was on the concrete floor barefoot, her feet vzdulis and red from the cold. Soon, she fell ill. The disease is so dried up girl, the sister of that fine day Vangu placed in the tub and make the yard as a child.

Photo - Wanga

Serdobolnye neighbors began to gather at the district money for the funeral of a good girl, but all the rules of the genre, there has been a wonderful healing. Once, when Любка returned home from a water source, a sister to sweep the courtyard.

В  Supernatural ability Vanga opened gradually, no one recorded the date of their birth, but many later recalled how she helped her father find a sheep which was lost, as in Georgiev day dragged from the pitcher of abandoned girls, and it predicted the fate of their owner of. Girls, of course, laughed, and then with surprise and fear found that all naprorochennoe Vanga - the truth.

В  But her talent in the power turned to the war. It is quite understandable: the desperate, destitute, distraught with grief to people who were not to apply. So they went to the woman who owned the mysterious force, the gift of clairvoyance, which might placate, or at least say where the man laid his head close.

В  His unusual ability to explain the presence of Wang herself around special transparent beings, the origin of which she could not explain. They allegedly sent her information about people that she could convey the suffering, the distance and time did not play any importance. The life of any person standing in front of prophetess, ran in front of her consciousness as a film, from birth to death. But to prevent what is written on the race, "Wang was not able to.

В  One guy came to a clairvoyant, a truck driver and suggested svozit her to the church. Upon returning, she told him: "Whatever we are doing, see May 15, will certainly come to me and be with me." But on that day one guy asked him about a service: bring in a truck for the construction of his house. That day the guy was crushed in the moving train. The disaster occurred due to the fact that the truck brakes refused.

В  Women who are dealing with a mysterious mystical forces, according to our opinion, should not have their families.

Photo - Wanga

However, in the midst of war, soldiers came to Vanga Dimitr Gushterov to identify the killers of his brother. Clairvoyant refused. "I tell you about them, but not now. You must promise me that thou shalt not avenge, it′s not necessary. You dozhivesh until the day when their eyes see their demise. " Surprising words extraordinary woman was struck by a soldier, he came to Vanga again many times and finally decided to make her proposal. Twenty years they lived a strong family, but recent years saw many Dimitr and died from cirrhosis of the liver. When her husband was already in agony, Wang stood up to his knees to his bed, from its blind eye constantly tears flowed. It is something whisper, but worth Dumitru give up the ghost, as the woman fell asleep immediately. Lay it to the funeral, then woken up, said: "I accompanied him to the place which he was ugotovano.

В  Many witnesses remembered about the contacts Vanga with dead people. At a visitor′s question as to why she spoke to him about his deceased mother that he had brought her to a shadow, Wang replied: "It′s not that you gave her. They come by, because I - the door for them. Once a person comes to me, died surrounded by his relatives, asking questions through me, and I heard them announce a living. "

В  One Spanish professor Wang asked whether his mother had bequeathed to his deathbed ancient family signet ring? Wonderstruck visitor confirmed that everything was exactly the case. But recently he went to summer walk, ring sleep with his hands and fell into a river. Professor of long trying to find him, but he could not.

В  "What have you done, humanity! You broke us with his mother! "

В  Embarrassed scientist admitted that the idea came to him in the head, because after the loss of ring to it has ceased to carry, but he drove away such doubts.

В  A great place to practice supernatural Vanga been subject of health, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

It is believed that nearly all diseases can be eliminated with the help of herbs, and by referring people to this or that herb, tselitelnitsa advised to pour necessarily present it as the most effective herbs have effects, penetrating through the pores of the skin. For each patient Wang prescribe individual treatment, because we believe that every case unique.

В  He came to Vanga young man, bulldozer, tear knee while draining the swamp. Since then, his foot became otekat, fester, and the doctors said that it must be amputated. Tselitelnitsa advised to find a frog, to the extent possible in the very place where the person injured, tear off the skin and attach to the sore spot. Bulldozer followed advice Wang, and a week later the wound was delayed. Interestingly, the research argues that in the skin of the frogs indeed found disinfectants: if a frog bite even the most venomous snake, it does not die, because these substances neutralize poison.

В  Wang believed that man first of all need to save mental health, and has always taught kindness, taught to help people. "Take the example of the tree. Spring comes, and it is covered with flowers, but not many of them give the fetus, the rest were empty, so for the mind. A good boss looks at him and said: "This is a wild tree, and unnecessary, it is not good, then have to cut it!" And we have no right to be unnecessary and do not benefit, because every person - whatever it may be - came to this land with a challenge: to preserve life in all its forms, to enable it to grow for the sake of higher goals, of which we are as yet unknown. "

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