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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…

Adrienne Lecouvreur

Photo - Adrienne Lecouvreur
«Adrienne Lecouvreur»

French actress. Since 1717 - in the theater "Comedy Frances." Glorified in the tragedies P. Corneille, J. Rasin, Moliere comedies.

Couvreur Adrienne was born April 5, 1692 in a village in Champagne Damri. Her father, Robert Couvreur Shlyapnikov, soon settled in Fime (Suasson Province), and then moved with his family to Paris, where he opened a studio.

In Paris, Adrienne literate among the nuns. But she dreamed of the theatrical stage. In the fourteen years Couvreur acted in amateur troupe. Among the roles - Paulina in "Polievkte" Cornelia. For the talented young girl drew the attention of Marc Antoine Legrand, actor "Comedy Frances." Not being any outstanding actor, he possessed a talent for teaching. Adrienne, with the consent of the parents has become to learn from Legrand and quickly captured azami acting.

After two or three years, Legrand became clear that he had nothing to teach Trust. Theater career Couvreur should have been started in the province: the best French actors of the Royal Theater has received from there. On the recommendation of Legrand, Elizabeth Clavel, the theater opened in Lille, Adrienne included in their company. So Adrienne Couvreur, whose last name added to the scene ennobles the prefix "le", was an actress Lillskogo theater.

First she had to play in comedies. The audience noticed it and appreciated. In 16-17 years it is increasingly given the main role. Shortly after its debut in 1708 Lecouvreur left the young actor Clavel. He had ensured that Adrienne was invited to the first role in LUNEVILLE troupe of the Duke of Lorraine.

In LUNEVILLE Lecouvreur met Captain Rikardiyskogo Regiment, Baron D. In its eyes, he was a hero: in battle with him Ramil backache right through the chest. After a fall from a horse wound was opened, and the baron died at the hands of Adrienne. For a while she left the stage. Only the fall of 1711 signed an agreement with the direction of the theater in Strasbourg, which has moved to a position of the first actresses.

Adrienne was a success. Talented actress was surrounded by admirers. The most persistent was the young Count Francois de Klenglen, son of aristocrat. As a result of this connection came to light Françoise-Catherine, Ursula. However, it is the birth of Françoise became one of the causes of the relationship between an actress and a count. By the way, and there is mention of another daughter, Adrienne, born in 1710 - Elizabeth, Adrienne. On the father of the daughter has no information other than the name (Philippe Le-Roi), which may be false.

In the late Adrienne Lecouvreur in 1716 moved to Paris. Her debut at the "Comedy Francaise" was held May 17, 1717. Adrienne chose the role of Elektra from the tragedy of the same name Krebilona-and senior role in Angelica molerovskom Georges Dandene, the only comic roles, which she had really loved.

Well knowing that it has brought her fame in the province, Adrienne Lecouvreur, and decided to "Comedy Francaise" to depart from prevailing at this stage declamatory style. And at a crucial evening for her career, she had really played, moved and lived, and giving poetry with intonation and a sense of what required in this case, the dramatic situation. The audience had come to admire.

Following the successful debut of Adrienne sometimes busy in the theater very often. MONIM in "Mithridates" Rasin, the main role in his "Berenike, Irina at Andronico" Kampistrona, Alkmena in molerovskom "Amphitryon" Finally, Paulina from Polievkta "Corneille.

Photo - Adrienne Lecouvreur
«Adrienne Lecouvreur»

All of this was the audience that the success of that already on 20 June it is formally accepted into the Royal Order of Lords of actors and a half shares, and one year after the debut, it became a fully-fledged and highly influential soseterkoy.

During the thirteen years Adrienne was the best performer of the heroines Rasin. Of course, she could not help but to feel and do not understand the extreme proximity Rasin whose talents. "Fedra" and "Ifigeniya, Mitridat and Bayazet", "Andromache" and "Berenika" - this is a tragedy, where Adrienne performed most often. Rasin In addition to her repertoire was Kornel rightful place: in addition to "Polievkta, where she remained inimitable Paulino, Adrienne played and others not coming down from the stage tragedies of Corneille - in the" Side "," Tsinne, " Horatio " "Rodogune, Nikomede.

Audience struck actress conviction that the action in which it participates, there is a picture of vital truth. The audience admired the ability to "sign in the role, to portray emotions so that they were organic and full. At the beginning of XVIII century psychological truthfulness seemed daring innovation, which is shaken and admire all who have been able to understand and appreciate. Another feature of the game Adrienne, who also noted, almost all was the ability to respond to the words partner and interlocutor, when the response to them has not yet zazvuchal, but there is already given to the actress, already guessed and understood the audience.

Adrienne Lecouvreur think to some extent, a reformer of theatrical costumes. For example, portraying Elizabeth English in the tragedy of Thomas Corneille "Earl Essex," she went on stage in a court room and the blue ribbon of the Order of the Garter, and to the role of Cornelia senior Corneille tragedy "Death of Pompey" regime against all the customs in the black black dress and to dissolve the hair.

Komediograf and theater critic wrote about the game d′Egber Lecouvreur: "As soon appearing on the scene, it was already occupied by their roles. But it is completely owned, and their hearts and feelings. Without the slightest effort moving it from the turbulent gust to clear calm, from tenderness to rage, from a sudden fright to sham. On the face of successive expression of calm, embarrassment, humility, pride, oppression, threats, anger, compassion. And the audience immediately infected by all these feelings, not trying to resist, surprised her surprise, fear, complaining, and trembled along with it. Spectators cried even before she began to shed tears. Because there was not anything that does not seem to be an existing ... But his passionate sense of it is always consistent with the general nature of the act, never forgot for one another, and in the wild impulse to be noble: Fedra are made of anger and passion, not for one moment without losing royal majesty ... "

Lecouvreur lucky in the fact that she has found a partner, equal to her talent and shares her views: in 1721 a play back a famous actor and an extraordinary man Michel Baron. But the most loyal and constant friend of Adrienne Lecouvreur was the young Voltaire. Adrienne was only two years his senior. Voltaire in a letter written a year after the death Lecouvreur, calls himself "a man who was a fan of her talent, her friend and lover."

In 1721 Voltaire ill wind smallpox - for the time it was quite a serious illness. Adrienne cared for him, regardless of the risk of becoming infected.

Photo - Adrienne Lecouvreur
«Adrienne Lecouvreur»

In the theater, they often worked together, sharing successes and failures.

Lecouvreur enjoyed success in high light. By regulation, it was required only imagine. She read a lot, not only novels and poems, but also books on history. Adrienne is not famous for ostrosloviem and ironic glitter of speech, but its judgments are always lacking identity, accuracy and depth. Her distinguished mental sensitivity, tact, sincerity and simplicity.

In addition to friends - writers and philosophers, were she and influential admirers. This Prenzhan, Duchess of Braunschweig manager, then a British aristocrat, in love with Paris and Adrienne, Lord Peterborough, who told her: "I am in you need a lot of mind and a lot of love to me." And in this area of his life, the actress has managed to not give access banality and rudeness.

In 1721 Adrienne Lecouvreur met and closer to Maurice Saski, future Marshal of France. Son kurfyursta Saxon, King of Poland Augustus II and his sultana Aurora von Kenigsmark appeared in Paris after his uslali from Dresden too funny and the general life. Adrienne Lecouvreur fell in love with Maurice because he was a royal son, but at the same time, exile, because he was a hero, but fated to put his heroism in the service of people, much less worthy than himself.

Morris dreamed of his own Duchy, and for him it was to take real shape in the form of the Duchy of Kurland. Learning that Maurice needs money Lecouvreur immediately sold their jewelry, silver tableware, and sent in Kurland liveried 40000. Adrienne could not deceive himself: if Maurice has reached the goal, she would lose him forever. The money did not help. Whether it was too late, or attempt to monopolize Maurice Kurland was doomed from the start.

And now fate pushed Lecouvreur and Count Maurice Saxon with "fatal" woman. This was a very great, very young and very beautiful, the fourth wife of the aged Duke of Bulonskogo. Despite his jealousy, Adrienne was ready to accept this challenge Maurice. But the unexpected happened, the next whim Duchess has become a serious hobby, but it has not suffered any obstacle.

On Sunday, July 24, 1729 Adrienne maid handed a note. An abbot Bure reported that the enemy had the intention to poison her. Later, he called the name zlodeyki - Duchess Bulonskoy. Adrienne seriously believed in the idea of a brutal rival. Maurice Saxon was also willing to believe in its cunning. All Paris rustled and worried about the fact that the duchess Bulonskaya tried to poison Mademoiselle Lecouvreur. All - and the nobility and bourgeoisie, and the people - of course, stood on the side of the victim.

Adrienne was always ill-health and after all the turmoil she endured as many as three weeks does not appear on the stage "Comedy Frances." First, after such a long break, her statement on 10 November in the role of Fedra - the beloved role of the beloved tragedy Rasin.

The performance of normal has become a parade. It was attended by princes of blood, the courtiers, writers, noble ladies, proud of its friendship with Mademoiselle Lecouvreur. They came close male friends - d′Arzhantal, Voltaire, Fontenel, Du Marse, and others. Adrienne experienced unprecedented growth, severe jitters.

When the beginning of the third act, in lozhu became duchess Bulonskaya. It seems that she wanted his presence to all contempt for libel.

The first two stages went well, but in the third stage to Fedra, know that Tezey alive, returned and the horror and confusion, Adrienne again had to go on stage tumult.

Suddenly she forgot that depicts Fedra, and in anger threw in lozhu Duchess those words that had to say in a dialogue with Enonoy:

I am not from those women, careless of the crimes

What odiousness are always ready to perform,

They can not blush from serious embarrassment.

Democratic partner in the mass of its boisterous applause broke out. People Big World ", including friends and Adrienne, with horror in their pereglyadyvalis lozhah. The Duchess Bulonskaya got up and left the theater.

Performance, however, continued. Adrienne brilliantly conducted the difficult stage of the fourth act. Despite the scandalous episode in the third act, the performance ended triumphantly for Adrienne. However, between the "Comedy Francaise" and the Duchess Bulonskoy began a long war.

After the scandal, played at the presentation of "Fedra" Mademoiselle Lecouvreur repeatedly acted on the stage - first in the "Horatio" Corneille, then in "Electra" and "Florentine". But then within a month she could not play.

This is a fateful March 1730. Adrienne, as if trying to catch up for lost time, plays the 5-th, 13 th, 14 th, and finally - at last - the 15 th.

That evening gave "Oedipus" Voltaire. Adrienne, performing the role Iokasty, all day feel it does not matter, as in the theater it was quite bad. Yet she continued to play, although many in the auditorium and noticed her condition and her heroic efforts to bring the show to end.

After returning home, Adrienne slegla and have not got up. Maurice Saxon, Voltaire, d′Arzhantal is always with her. The morning of March 20, 1730 Adrienne died.

The next day, "Comedy Frances was in mourning: a performance scheduled for the evening, was canceled. With the new force has risen to fame atrocious poisoning.

Adrienne Wolter and friends who did not believe in the poisoning, took care to qualified doctors made an autopsy. No traces of the poison is not found, the medical report gave the diagnosis: "The patient died of inflammation of the intestines and internal bleeding."

The Catholic Church refused a Christian burial to those people acting profession, who did not want, or why no one could deny at the deathbed of his sin and repent litsedeystva it. From Adrienne just so happened. By order of the chief of police on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday Adrienne body wrapped in sackcloth and taken to the police at the carriage closest wasteland on the shore of the Seine. The body down in the prepared hole, covered quicklime, then land. Place of burial lost. Voltaire wrote indignant epitaph, which was wonderful, truly нерукотворным monument actress. Genius of France was convinced that Lecouvreur - Actress, "which in Greek would have erected altars.

Adrienne Lecouvreur featured at the scene of tragic heroines and reason in a letter to Pironu both strongly defended their right to heroism in the theater of his time. But her own short life and sudden, mysterious death of most of its own doing heroine is almost finished drama.

A romantic legend of how the great artist of the simple origin, the daughter of the people, fell victim to profligate aristokratki, confident of their impunity, the road was too mind and hearts of many people to die easily. She left to live - in some memoirs and letters, in a few plays with an exciting plot and interesting roles.

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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…
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