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  2. Photo: Sofia LorenSophia Loren, Shikolone real name, was born September 20, 1934, in Clinic of Queen Margaret. Mother Sophia — Romilda Wilanow, comes from the fishing village of Pozzuoli, arrived in Rome, where he was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. When Romilda pregnant,…
  3. Photo: Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, British actress, born in Brussels, where she was born May 4, 1929 in a family of Dutch Baroness Ella van Heemstra and the English banker John Victor Hepburn-Ruston, received the name of Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn. She had…

Anna Magnani

Photo - Anna Magnani
«Anna Magnani»

Italian actress. Art Magnani, how deeply the national character of its heroines, and in the manner of its execution, revealed in a film: "Rome - Open City," "Dreams on the roads," "Love," "The Most Beautiful," " tattooed Rose (Oscar), "Mama Roma", etc.

Anna Magnani was born March 7th, 1908 in Rome. Father unknown, mother worked as dressmaker, after the birth of a daughter, she married an Austrian and left for Egypt.

Anna brought her grandmother, aunt and uncle. She grew up hard, intense, nervous child. In nine years in college gave her sister-nuns. The girls there did not like and returned home.

In January 1927, Anna accepted without examination of the Roman Academy of Dramatic Art Eleonora Duse. He came to the actor′s course, which is led by Silvio d′Amiko.

Studied Magnani well after the Academy was adopted in the company Nikkodemi - Vergani - Chimara. And started her life in art: the role of subretok, with lightning speed runs on the stage with the words: "eat filed." Desperation attacks spleen, tears of humiliation. "In 1928 the troupe was to go on tour to Argentina. But this year brought some disappointment. Dzekki Carlo, a talented Italian pianist, whom Anna was going to marry, got in a car accident. Nikkodemi company collapsed. And the biggest blow - the death of the grandmother, the only truly loved her man.

Anna goes to the company, Antonio Gunduz, a famous producer revue. Gunduz brought her into the world of cinema - in 1934, Magnani made her debut in the occasional role in the film "The blind of Sorrento."

October 3, 1935 a very important event in her life, she marries a Goffredo Alessandrini, the famous director, a brilliant beautiful, in which Anna fell in love at first sight.

She enjoyed her new position, the house and almost did not work, "because it was the wife of her husband, and be both wife and an actress is not able to." The only full-fledged role Magnani at this time - fatal female detective in the play "Masquerade San Silvestro", of the troupe de Rego.

But Alessandrini goes to the other. Anna tries to find solace in his work. In the heart of Rome Anton Giulio Bragalya opens a small "theater degli Arti", which successfully Magnani plays a major role in the "petrified forest" and Sherwood in "Anna Christie" O′Neill.

Movies she likes.

Photo - Anna Magnani
«Anna Magnani»

But while occasional Magnani reach specific role. Fedor cordoned off, lifting her in the film "Princess Tarakanova" (1938), rub: "No, with such a person you do not have film actress. Look only at your nose! And light on your face does not bear: you have the whole curve, asymmetric "Anna knew it, but do not panic.

The true triumph of popularity among the people has brought her season on stage, which she played in the troupe Gunduz paired with well-known comic Toto. It was here, in the revue, born the image of folk hero, embodied by it shortly on the screen, "jellyfish", as called her later appearance of film critics.

And it Magnani, Visconti was going to lift in his first film, the famous "obsession", but withdrew because she was pregnant that time. October 23, 1942 from Anna was born the son of Luke. When the end of the war, Visconti Nazis persecuted, Magnani hid it in his house - trembled with fear as she admitted, but hid.

In the years 1943-1944 Magnani played once in six scenes, including the "Campo di fori" M. Bonnard and "The last carousel" M. Mattoli.

February 18, 1944 Magnani and Toto played in the new revue, "What do you вбила himself in the head." And once the Americans entered Rome, Magnani sang satirical couplets to sketch. Parodies entirely kept in the comedy talent Magnani, her virtuosic improvisation and gegah. The audience enthusiastically took an actress. Anna′s dream came true: she became a favorite of Italians nicknamed her Nannarelloy.

... One of Magnani charming young man came and introduced: Roberto Rossellini. He offered her the main female role in the movie "Rome - Open City", which became the banner of neorealizma. At the same time they began a love relationship, which lasted several years and finished as sad as finished all the novels Magnani.

Anna has played the role of pins, the bride′s working Francesco. Pina has become a symbol of people fighting against fascism. During the filming Magnani parted with the father of his son′s three-polio patient. Her little Luke in all his life remained crippled. A beloved departed secretly, no warning and did not bid.

Pina′s film runs for the truck, which the Germans taken Francesco. After the shot fascist Anna was falling. Sergio Amida, one of the writers of film, offering Rossellini pull the rope to drop out natural.

Photo - Anna Magnani
«Anna Magnani»

Magnani quietly objected to him: "Do not worry, I fall so that you will be satisfied." And it fell so that the shot went into the history of world cinema. In the tragic eyes of pins can not be viewed without the excitement and pain, because it affected the eyes of Anna Magnani.

"Rome - Open City" had a phenomenal success, and made audiences Anna Magnani in the ranks of world stars. For the period, which began with "Rome ..." and ended yet another masterpiece - "The most beautiful" Visconti, it accounts for the flourishing of creativity. For six years, Magnani played in fifteen scenes, reached the summit of skill and creative maturity. "Bandit" A. Lattuady, "Deputatka Angelina L. Dzampy, tragicomedy" Dreams on the Road "by M. Camerino become visible works neorealizma.

Rossellini shot Magnani in the film "Love" (1948), compiled from two episodes. The first is called a "miracle", she played a village durochku, pregnant from vagrants, whom she considered sacred (vagabondage performed the role of Federico Fellini, this was their first and most recent creative meeting). The second - the famous heroine of melodrama Cocteau "The human voice." After Magnani parted with Rossellini, it began a long period of painful untimely.

In 1951, Visconti offered her a role in the "most beautiful", and this movie has become a real benefit Magnani. Only it was with her unique talent and a tragic comedy actress could play all of the diverse values that were laid in the form of Maddalena Chekkoni, simple woman, committed six attached to my daughter in a movie.

Then Visconti takes Magnani in one of the stories the film "We are - women." This novel, as a symbol of joyous faces of Rome with its noise and bustle, the traditional "Italian Disorder," will live forever in the memory of viewers.

Jean Renoir in a book of memoirs "My Life and My Films" to notice the two sides talent actress: "realism, allowing her to create images of people with remarkable dramatic expressiveness, and innate nobility, aristocratism through which she looks at the palace as naturally as and grossly skolochennyh stage provincial teatrika.

In the early 1950′s, Anna Magnani - one of the brightest stars of world cinema, but was less.

Photo - Anna Magnani
«Anna Magnani»

Roles for it not to compromise but she did not agree. Despaired, Magnani even decided to go to America, taking a few lucrative invitations coming from Hollywood.

Over the ocean, she acted in three films - "tattooed Rose D. Mann (1955)," Wild Wind "Kyukora D. (1958)," Of the breeds fugitives "Lyumeta S. (1960).

For the role of Serafin "tattooed rose" Magnani received the Oscar. For the first time in thirty-year history that the highest film award in America, it awarded a foreign actress. Curiously, in this role, Magnani, invited himself playwright Tennessee Williams, author of the play "tattooed a rose." "The name of Anna Magnani - wrote Williams - gives me a sense of enthusiastic admiration." The dramatist himself prepared a version of a scenario in which the text on one side was written in English, but on the other - in Italian.

Anna Magnani and Burt Lancaster played brilliantly tragicomic love story of two old people. Lancaster said in admiration: "This is the best actress, which I ever used to work, it is the rare woman who surprisingly bright personality."

On the set Magnani met with excellent partners - E. Quinn in "Wild wind and M. Brando in the film" Out of the escapees breed "- and made friends with them for many years. But despite this, the work does not bring joy, Anna missed the house.

Upon his return to Rome Magnani little appears on the screen. "Loneliness is perhaps loves me more than I" - she complained. Only close friends can see her fun, witty, wonderful mistifikatorshey equal to that of the drawings were not in all Rome. But it has more time at his home, surrounded by many dogs and cats. Nights she loved to browse the streets of Rome, to feed the homeless animals.

Five years is not filmed Magnani in Italy, before the role of nuns in the movie "Sister Leticia M. Camerino. Melodramatic story of how a nun attached to the baby from the orphanage and how it wakes prohibited sense of motherhood was not the best work of the actress. As a member of the Venice festival jury, 1956 Visconti gave its voice of Maria Schell. Magnani обиделась on the PC. So it was an altercation with a landmark favorite director. Only twelve years old, accidentally met Visconti in the shop, Magnani herself rushed to him: "Well, Luchino, throw it, all right too you ..."

In 1958, in the movie "Hell in" R.

Photo - Anna Magnani
«Anna Magnani»

Castellani met two movie stars - Anna Magnani and Juliet Mazina. However, coexistence of two actresses first magnitude, how to write press, has become a mere "hell on the set." Magnani role was not central, so it demanded changes to the script, to equalize the volume on both roles. As a result, Magnani, has created an outstanding, strong, deeply tragic female character, overshadowed Mazina.

In summer 1960, she shot back with his old friend Toto. But the movie does not have. Magnani was vex. "At the same person drops of wine, - said the actress. - I. Nobody ever accused Marlon Brando because he dropped in a bad movie. But all the blame Magnani, if a movie with her participation suffers fiasco. "

Worshiping Magnani and Pazolini, it was for him a great actress neorealizma, this rimlyankoy. The Role of Mothers Roma from the same film written specifically for her. Willing to work with Pazolini was so great that Magnani agreed to a 30 per cent of his normal fee.

Alas, the audience watched the picture is bad, the critic also initially did not adopt the new aesthetics Pazolini. And Magnani, creating an image, soon became a classic, a textbook for Italian cinema, is returning to the theater.

Franco Dzeffirelli, artist, producer, invites her to one of the best female roles of the world′s repertoire - Pina of "wolf" D. Vergi. " wolf "- is written entirely for Magnani, - said Dzeffirelli. - And the performance is almost entirely built on it. x3c...x3e her nerves stretched to the limit, every minute she is ready to explode. Perhaps this also makes its a great actress, one of the greatest actresses of our time. "Theater has returned to her faith in yourself, she again conquered the audience in many countries around the world. In Rome, knew and loved her, know and love as the only" their ". All know in person her son, Louka, a beautiful dark young man on crutches. Everyone was aware of the house, the old princely palace Alteri.

Magnani, concerned about the future (there it is not so frightened of the prospect of impoverished old age) had a good life by the end of capital - she played on the stock exchange, leased an apartment in many belonging to her home in Rome.

Success at the youthful and enthusiastic reception that she met during a lengthy tour of Europe, gave her strength.

Only twice, she gave way to the persistent requests of directors, and twice it are unsuccessful. These films S. Cramer "Secret Santa Vittorio" (1968) and C. Lara-Otan "spatter-dock, Joseph (1968).

Finally Alfredo Dzhanetti managed to persuade her to play teletsikle "Three Women". In his conception, the fates of these women had to affect the Italian history of the last hundred years. In Italy, the first demonstration of the film series - "Singer" - literally caused a storm. Actually, the plot was simple. Is set operetochnaya star Flora Torres comes to the front. It must perform Tablouri rustice marches. But, unexpectedly for himself, singer suddenly quiet Neapolitan song, in which feelings of love for their native land than in any march. In the final novella Flora Torres kills, covering a boy soldier.

The actress was once again on the rise. But the malignant tumor had undermine her health. The operation, conducted in a clinic in Rome, proved unsuccessful.

When the brief moments of relief, Anna remembered for his latest work - the film "1870." She did not waited for the premiere only a few minutes. After the announcer said the painting of the death of the actress.

On the day of the funeral Magnani (27 September 1973) all institutions in Rome were closed, none worked. The square in front of the church of Santa Maria accompanied Minerva, where right on the floor, without a hearse (after the manner adopted in the Roman nobility), stood a coffin with her body, was zapruzhena people.

And when the coffin carried out of the church and he Pople over the heads of the crowd, the area exploded in applause.

The body bore Magnani, and break all the crowd applauded and applauded - the last of its output. Rome says goodbye to its favorite.

Thrice took Anna Magnani in the scenes in the title of which was the word Rome. "You - this is Rome, - said she Fellini. - As you have something mother, mournful, mythological destroyed ... "

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