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Rudolph Valentino

Photo - Rudolph Valentino
«Rudolph Valentino»

American actor. By origin Italian. One of the legends of cinema. He became famous in silent films 20-ies, creating the image of the exotic "Latin lover". He acted in fifteen scenes: "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", "Sheikh", "Blood and Sand", "Son of the Sheik", etc.

Rodolfo Guglielmi di Valentino (Rodolfo) was born May 6, 1895 in the town Kastellanata (Bari province), in Apulia. After emigrating to the end of 1913 in the United States, he worked in New York street vendors, gardeners, dish washers, dancer "gigolo. Then turned into a traveling troupe, which played a role in the play "No one is home."

After the company collapsed, the young Italian went to Hollywood. Rudolfo filmed an extra in films and Griffith Company Yuniversl ", then he began to charge small roles, such as" sweet imp with Mae Murray. In the picture Irlan Williams, creating an image of a Parisian Apache, he had grown a thin mustache, who remained faithful to life.

When the screen came the film "married virgin" with Valentino, it drew the attention of June Metsis, a writer and editor in the company "Metro". She insisted that it was Valentino starred in the film "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" the novel by Spanish writer Blasco Ibanez. The director was approved by Rex Ingram.

Hero of Valentino, a young Argentine, remembers that he was French by blood, is sent to the front and there is heroically fighting the troops of the Allied Powers. In 1921, similar scenes have pall viewers, and costly, this film flopped at the box office would be if it were not for Rudolph Valentino - a hot-looking man with regular features of the Greek god, languid (due to severe nearsightedness) look sleek, shiny hair from Grease . In exotic costumes gaucho it with startling sensuality and perfection performed the Argentine tango, reputed as a vicious dance.

The magic of Rudolph Valentino provided the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" unprecedented commercial success. The film cost about six hundred forty thousand dollars, and brought a four and a half million - a record figure in silent films.

The audience was anxious to see the handsome new tapes. Screen has occupied a romantic hero, acting only in exotic situations. Valentino will be called "Latin lover", "fatal seducer" and "true sheik.

Director Ingram invited Rodolfo to the main role in the modern version of "Eugenie Grandet Balzac -" conquering power "(1921). The picture does not become a big success, a French critic Lucien Val, for example, wrote: "Rudolph Valentino, natural and discreet, this time playing a young egoist, who is ashamed of his own impulses of the heart. This film - not ′cinema of thought, he is limited to the illustrations to the text. "

In "La Dame aux Camelias" ( "Camille"), Valentino′s partner (he played the young Armand Duval) was a famous actress Alla Nazimova. During filming, Rodolfo became friendly with artist-designer Natasha Rambovoy.

Life Valentino has not yet evolved. The first marriage - with a mediocre actress Jean Acker - lasted just one week, although a few years Gene worked indefatigably to endearing himself to "the most ardent lover of peace".

The wedding of Rudolph Valentino and Natasha Rambovoy, the daughter of one of New York millionaire, was held in Mexico in the presence of Pickford, Fairbanks, Swanson and many other celebrities.

Photo - Rudolph Valentino
«Rudolph Valentino»

At Natasha was a diamond necklace - a wedding gift, Valentino, and a few girls carried a bouquet of two thousand white orchids ...

But Valentino forgot ... a divorce from Jean Acker. In Los Angeles, he was arrested by the police. The next day, Natasha had made a pledge for him at 10 thousand dollars and took over all the arrangements for the registration of his divorce from his first wife, and then a second time married in Valentino.

Second marriage also did not bring happiness. Natasha had left him ... Then Rodolfo announced his engagement to Paula Negri, polka, which has a spectacular appearance and, as it turned out, exalted, impetuous character. He again had no luck. They often quarreled. After the death of Rudolph Valentino in the diaries was found laconic note: "Elephants and women inflicted injuries do not forgive ..."

Considering that the Metro is paying him too little, Rudolph Valentino has signed a contract with Jesse Lasky, a subsidiary of Paramount. And the very first picture in the "Jesse Lasky" brought him luck. Plot "Sheikh" (directed by D. Melford) nezateyliv. Young Englishwoman (Aires), traveling to Algeria, falls in love with a young sheikh (Valentino), who kidnaps an Englishwoman, snatching her from the hands of the Arab bandit (Lang). Being near death, Sheikh Englishwoman acknowledged that he is not an Arab, a Frenchman born in Spain. Of course, the sheikh miraculously healed and may marry his beloved ... The film, shot over eight weeks in the "wilderness" in the neighborhood of Hollywood, Valentino offered a resounding success.

Such success could not be repeated in subsequent scenes "Moran, Lady Letty" DA Melford, "Over the rocks" by S. Wood, and "Blood and Sand" F. Niblo.

Company Paramount, remembering the triumph of the exotic "Sheikh", approved the participation of two Valentino dresses, superkolossah: "Young Rajah" (1922) F. Ross and "Mr Bokere" (1924) director S. Olcott. I made the right decision.

In theaters lined up in long queues and sometimes halls stormed. The women went to the movies with Valentino as a date. Devotees did not take his eyes from the screen, which has dominated slender and dark-skinned Italian, gleaming white teeth smile and charming, languid eyes.

Frenchman Robert Flora became his impresario and organized for advertising koldkrema tours. Valentino dressed gaucho dance tango every night with a girl from the audience in exchange for three thousand dollars a week, while owners of the Paramount paid him five hundred.

Then Valentino went on tour. In Chicago, according to Robert Flora, "twenty thousand people waiting for Rudy at the station, and then accompanied him to the hotel. Despite the impressive costumes police, fans tore the buttons from his clothes, broke a tie and hat. Since such incidents were repeated at each exit from the "Blekston hotel, we were compelled to resort to thousands of tricks to hide from the fans ... We traveled at night by special train, but prevention is not known who the girl from Kansas or Arizona made their way to the train and hid in the toilets. Neschastnyj Valentino, locked in a compartment provided me banish bothersome. It lasted fifty-four days. "Then the tour with as much continued success in England, France and Italy.

In 1922, together with his mother and June Metsis, scriptwriter of the film, Valentino attended in New York for the premiere of The Young Rajah ".

Photo - Rudolph Valentino
«Rudolph Valentino»

This film is acted on the imagination of its viewers an extravagant luxury. Valentino appeared to him almost naked, wearing only his thighs were covered with pearl necklaces. Upon learning that their idol is in the hall, the crowd took cinema by storm, and Rudolf was forced to flee to the roofs.

Once a contract with Paramount was revised, Valentino got a hundred thousand dollars for the film. After parting with Natasha Rambovoy, he built a villa in psevdoispanskom style in Beverly Hills and called it the "Eagle′s Nest. His neighbor was Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, Cecil B. de Mille and other celebrities.

Valentino adored jewelry, always wore a Florentine rings, solid gold bracelets. Despite stomach sick, like Rudolfo is raw onion. Even before he was thirty years old, he desperately said that he was losing hair on his head, and to hide the hair loss, skin painted with black paint.

Those flaws were unknown admirer, for which he embodied the type of "Latin lover". The famous Hollywood star Pola Negri, his fiancee, recalled. "Many women, looking them straight in the eye, he gave empty promises. They are heart felt, that was a lie, but the manner of a true gentleman, which he possessed by nature, forced to believe him when Rudolfo flirted with women, it was something amazing. He simply mesmerized them ... "

Despite the competition of actors, Valentino′s popularity continued to grow between 1924 and 1925, when he signed with United Artists, "a contract that provides him two hundred thousand dollars for the film and the proportion of income from rentals.

Valentino starred in the film "Eagle" set based on works by Pushkin. Then the screen went "Son of the Sheik" (1926) D. Fitzmaurice - a real triumph of "Latin lover".

Six months after the premiere of paintings by Valentino suffered an attack of acute appendicitis. He operated on, but began peritonitis. When the rumors about the disease spread through the city, a crowd of women and girls, besieged the hospital. Eight days Valentino was in agony. To save his life failed. He died at the age of thirty-one years. Some newspapers reported it this way: "On August 23 in New York, Don Juan died a second time."

Rudolph Valentino was educated in the Catholic faith. Working in Hollywood, he decided to give it up, but before his death he returned to the bosom of the Catholic Church, asked for forgiveness and blessing. Sins of him were released.

At the news of his death a few fans in New York and London have committed suicide.

In New York, as told in his memoirs of Adolf Цукор, chief of Paramount, "... the body was displayed in the mourning hall at the corner of Campbell Broadway and 66 th streets. Immediately a crowd of thirty thousand men, consisting mainly of women. And when the police tried to organize the crowd burst into riots, perhaps, the most brutal in the history of the city. Dozens of mounted police dispersed the crowd, but the women smeared the pavement with soap, which slips horse.

Placed in a triple coffin made of silver, bronze and precious wood remains Valentino drove through all the United States in Los Angeles on a special train and the train came out of the crowd of people, much like the funeral cortege for the slain president Abraham Lincoln.

After the service at the Sunset Cemetery in Hollywood, held lavish funeral. Behind the coffin passed more than a hundred thousand people, mostly women. On the chest of each hung a large black bow ...

Pola Negri arrived for the funeral of her fiance from Paris. She appeared, as usual, in black gown and saw his first wife Jean Acker, dressed ... in white.

Many American cinema, which was "Son of the Sheik," noted the increase in revenue for eighty per cent. During the demonstration was made minute break, the audience′s silence in memory of the deceased.

Rudolph Valentino has left behind a villa in Beverly Hills with black walls and curtains (Valentino suffered heliophobia), eight cars, five horses, a yacht, a dozen purebred dogs, three hundred ties, two thousand shirts and an incredible amount of love letters.

Status movie star is estimated at only 250 thousand dollars, and its debts exceed this amount many times over. Art objects and furniture away from the auction for 91 thousand dollars. Superintendent George Ulman had nothing to repay debts. They helped photographs of the famous actor, demand has exceeded all expectations - hundreds of thousands were sold instantly.

Rudolph Valentino had never parted with my talisman - a small strip of pure gold. He believed in the strength and power of the supernatural ... Valentino was a mystic, adherent of Spiritualism. I believed sacred to the fact that they managed a kind of unearthly, a higher power. After the death of an idol in many American cities began to spring up women′s clubs, in which the artist′s fans, not wanting to be parted from him, gathered at a seance and summoned his spirit.

Each year, the day of his death on 23 August, a woman in deep mourning brought to the cemetery Sunset huge bouquets of flowers. And only in 1956 was reported in the newspapers: "For the first time in thirty years no woman has ever visited the tomb of Valentino ..."

August 23, 1961 in the town Kastellanata, in southern Italy, an event that has attracted worldwide attention. Superstar Rudolph Valentino silent film monument was unveiled.

Thirteen years of Rudolph Valentino has worked in Hollywood. During these years he could become a bright, unfading star, which was viewed with reverence throughout the world. He was great in its Role "Latin lover". Even today, his amazing life treated in theater and cinema.

In the musical "Ciao, Rudy!" Rudolph the role played by Marcello Mastroianni. The performance was a resounding success. Finally, the English film director Kon Russell took artistic film "Valentino", based on the facts of biography "Latin lover".

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